Hempy buckets. Every thing looks good but I have questions.

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  1. Relevant info-
    Strain- 2 gelat og seedsman
    2 valley kush 1.0 accelerator
    All are in black 5 gallon garbage can (wider at top) all perlite hempy buckets with air stones. 4x4 tent. Lights are 4 qb132's and 4 qb120's at 3000k and 3500k spectrum. Jack's 321 full strength (3.6g Jack's hydro, 1.1g epson salt and 2.4g jack cal nite per gallon) fed 1.5 gallon each every other day. By the second day there is very little if any solution left in the buckets. My tap (well water) has a beginning ph of about 7.0 and a EC of about .11
    My solution going in after nutes is
    EC 1.75 and I use ph down to get me around 5.6ph. I tested what was left in the bottom of the hempy (which was not much) after 22 hours and I had an EC of 2.17 and a ph of 7.06. Plants look great. But the thirst for knowledge drives me. What do these numbers tell me? More nutes? Less? Lower the ph more to compensate for the swing up? Feed every day instead of every other? Or just go with "if it ain't broke dont fix it"? Thanks for any and all input. Also I flipped to 12/12 on 5/23 so a tad more than a week ago. 20190601_232900.jpg 20190601_232934.jpg
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  2. Look like your doing a great job already mate plants looking beautiful congratulations.

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  3. You probably have some salts built up in the bottom of your hempys that are causing the difference in your numbers. I flush mine out around transition to flower
  4. I concur. I flush every couple weeks for this reason otherwise your run off EC is worthless in regards to understanding what your plants doing. I generally don’t even worry about run off EC just the Ph.

    In this situation I’d drop the ph to compensate for the swing. The swing is a good thing it allows full uptake of nutes. My nutes go in at 5.3-5.5 and swing to 6.3-6.5 in 2-3 days.
  5. Do you know why the pH swings like that ?
    I have started measuring run-off from the coco coir in my grow and the pH in is 5.8 and the pH out is 6.5-6.,
    just wondering what is going on around those roots .
  6. How often do you water?
    The only thing I can think of is the unused fertilizer/salts that are left in your coco are combining with your nutrient solution and raising your ph.
    I don't even check ph of run off unless I have a problem.
    Maybe lower your feed strength and water more often. Clean Coco coir watered 2-3 times a day you should see pretty close numbers. Or you could start at 5.5 ph and see if you can get that runoff down to 6.2.
    But overall if you have no problems I would leave it alone
    I water 3 times a day 600ppm 6.0ph
    I've had zero problems with this.
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  7. I have been watering once a day with 9 litres of tap water with nutes and cal/mag and P/K 13/14 to about 900ppm this week, ph'd to 5.8 to 6.0 . It drinks about 6-7 litres before the run-off starts at ph of 6.6 then gets to ph of 6.3 by the last 100ml or so of run off. Run-off ppm's are 750 to 800 or so.
    The ph climbs up slowly from ph 5.8 or so after a flush so I reckon that's fine ,
    but I am interested in why this is so? What causes the ph to rise?
    The girl is doing fine at the moment , 29 days in flower ,I think I will flush it again soon.
  8. All nutrient lines I have used slowly rise in ph
    I don't know why exactly but I try to use it to our advantage by starting low 5.7 and in a few days I'll be up to 6.1 I see this as a good thing .After all optimal Ph is a range not a hard number.
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  9. By the way they do look plenty healthy
    Great looking grow
    Nice work and it can be work .Today is my maintenance day clean res etc. etc.
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  10. They rise because of lack of bi carbonates in the water. In simple terms the water doesn’t have enough of a buffer for it to stabilize. Once you have enough in the water it’ll stabilize. Generally takes fixing the swing 3-4 times before it will do so. When i switch my DWC reservoir it takes about 36-48hours for me to stabilize the reservoir. In that 36-48 hour window I normally have corrected the PH 4-5 times with ph up or down.
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