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  1. Argh im a new grower!

    Day 25 and my plants are looking rather poor. I water them daily but im not sure if im over watering or underwatering or what!

    Heres some pics - temps are 27 on average good airflow ph 6.1 - 6.2.

    Should i water thhem today or just give it a miss?

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  2. well usually when your plants droop..they are getting to much water....and it could lead to root rot...if i were you i would water only when soil starts getting dry...usually once a week. i did the same thing on my first grow...its looking GREAT tho...good job..your lucky thats your only problem so far haha
  3. cheers bud i will give watering a miss tonight
  4. i would actually give it more than a a night..wait til your soil starts drying out...you don't want to get root rot. The grow looks awsome tho man..good job so far
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    friend, you might be needing to transplant soon...they might be starving for water...
    but i too am growing using hempy buckets, 100% perlite. mine are 25 days right now (? germed on 14th last month), started them out in 18 oz blue solo cups. i transplanted into 4 gal containers 3 days ago and was suprised at all the roots. 100% perlite and it was (for the most part) all contained in the root mass...after seeing all that, i think i should've maybe transplanted a few days sooner. your plants look a tad bit bigger than mine, so i would assume you have more root mass than me too...
    aren't hempy buckets the shit?

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