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  1. Hi guys currently got some 10l hempys set up.

    Tap water comes out at 7.4ph

    Left overnight it will rise to 7.6

    But if I bubble it with an airstone for an hour it will rise to 8.4.

    This is just water in a tank not in the Hempy buckets.

    Why the rise with an airstone?
    Am I accelerating a process that would otherwise be happening in my hempys reservoir ?

    Or would this not occur at all if i hadnt used the airstone?
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    Found an answer if anyone is interested.

    As for why the pH rises, the easiest way to explain it is that some of the carbon dioxide in water is carbonic acid -- that is, carbon dioxide plus water makes carbonic acid -- so removing carbon dioxide is like removing carbonic acid. Removing an acid from the water makes the pH rise

    So I take from that, that I am indeed accelerating a process that would naturally be happening in my res.
    But couldn't tell for sure without doing a side by side comparison.

    I think I will continue to bubble water before feeding though

    Edit: Because of the pH buffers used in most nutrients its possible that the rise in the res would be negligible once set.
    Still...I will continue to bubble water first as it saves me having to stir the nutes :) and provides more oxygen to the water at the same time removing some chlorine.
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  3. Using an airstone in tap water is not going to raise the PH levels
  4. I very much beg to differ sir

    Type in to Google. 'Aeration effect on ph'
  5. They are talking fish tanks with CO2 injectors
    Do read
  6. Show me where it says a bucket of Tap water when aerated will raise the PH lvls
  7. Sorry But I do it everyday and my tap water is right at 7,0 before and after
  8. Take the pH of some tap water.... Bubble it for an hour and take measurement again...
  9. Not to mention the posts I've seen on this sitehttps://forum.grasscity.com/threads/aerating-water-cause-ph-to-raise.599730/
  10. Op- genuinebuddy

    Water fresh from the tap is high in carbonic acid (carbon dioxide), low in oxygen, and CO2 lowers pH. When you let the water sit out, or aerate with an airstone, the CO2 is exchanged for O2, which equalizes the pH.

    People who have aquariums have long gotten used to aerating their water and then adjusting pH before doing water changes because fish are very sensitive to pH swings.

    If you need to adjust the pH of your water to optimize nutrient uptake in your grow, make sure to do so AFTER the CO2 has exchanged out.
  11. All water is different just because yours doesn't doesn't mean mine can't?
  12. Yeah OK you do that
  13. Stiggy simply claiming
    Doesn't cut it for me, do you have an explanation as to why? Can you provide any scientific evidence that contradicts my findings?
    Or is that based solely on your experience?
  14. Do some of your own experimentation and post your finding Here.
    All of my Tap water has never changed PH after using air stone to dechlorinate it.
    The theory you speak of pertains to fish tank water which have been injected with CO2 via use of CO2 injector,
  15. Nobody is talking about injected co2.
    Have u not read what genuine friend wrote...that pretty much solves it for me.
    As for experimentation I have just put tap water in a glass pH was 7.4 ran some bubbles through it for 2minutes and it was up to 7.8 so I believe I am correct.
    U have no facts whatsoever just your opinion and what's happened to you in YOUR experience.

    I'm willing to believe your water possibly stays the same but its impossible that mine changes?
  16. What are you using to take the PH lvls
    Is it a calibrated PH Pen , and if so when was it last calibrated ?
  17. Some real knowledge would be nice not some dribble from a troll :)
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  18. Are you from a third world nation that has shitty water?

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