Hempy bucket, organic nutes cause ph rise?!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by willfargo, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. To make a long story short. ... I will never trust those stupid ph drop tests. Plants looked life crap. .. barely alive, so I bought a digital meter. Drop test was showing 5.6-5.9. Digital meter read 7.3... Calibrated it 2 times and brought sample to Hydro store to be tested, same results. I started flushing with 5.8. Waste runoff was about about 7. Dropped to 5.6 and probably flashed 2 gallons of it through 3 solo cup sized Coco hempy buckets. Runoff was barely below 7. Finally just flushed with another 2 gallons of 4.8. Runoff dropped to 5.9. Is this safe? I assume the plant will be drawing water and whatever news are left as I'd the ph is 5.9... not 4.8, right?
  2. So i changed the coco/perlite mix to straight perlite to see if i could avoid the ph issues. i add 5.8 and the run off was immediately 6.3. what the heck?
    Also im using Age Old Grow... when i mix my nutes they are at 5.8. when i test them before their next feeding, the nutes ph goes up .5-1ph and has to be readjusted. is this because they are organic?

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