Hempy bucket northern lights grow!

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  1. -grow room:closset 10' long 2'wide
    -lights: (10) 19-24watt cfls (1) 50watt cfl(soon ill add another)(1) 34watt 4' tube
    -how:i used an 8ft long peice of sheet metal and atached them on after another, the tube is screwed onto the wall at an angle for later bottom growth
    -temp: 85* lights on 75* lights off
    -water: tap left out for a day, ph meter coming in a few days
    -nutes:a hydroponics starting kit with everything i need
    -medium: 100% perlite in hempy 2 gallon bucket
    -strain: northern lights, one bagseed

    ok so this is my first grow, ill try putting pics up but im writing my grow journal on my ipod and cant upload pics, so far theyre 2 weeks 2 days old...
    planted first two NLs a few days before this

    <<march 10/   seedling sprouted so i put it under the lights, theres another one coming through proably tomorrow, the other NL are doing well and are about an inch tall the bag seed is getting big but doesnt look like its growing much

    <<march 11/ the bagseed is looking sick and dried but the NLs are looking healthy, one of the new seedlings are green and showing growth the other one is on its way, i might change the lighting a bit to be right above all the plants, i alao add the one adam had in his room, it looks kinda healthy

    <<march 12/the leaves are curling under even more on the bag seed, theyre starting to curl on the NLs and one of the lights broke..my bad.. i might start watering less so the roots develope more and maybe they with get better, bagseed looks like its stem bent, abd it looks ugly basicly

    <<march 14/ they are showing growth in those two days before, the leaves are green and perky, and the lil baby ones are green and growing the bag seed is looking better but still sick, proably a Ph problem so i cut watering down to every other day i also switched to a better crate to make the light set up better

    <<march 15/ so they are looking perky and growing, the little ones are also on their way, i found green algae in the perlite of 3 plants so i atached black trash bag squares over them, the new lighting setup and less watering seems to be working great, im getting a ph meter soon i hope

    <<march 16/ well theyre doin what theyre doin, growin that is, i noticed one already splitting off into 4 branches and the little ones are growing too,  some roots look exposed so i might top off the cups, i also added a fan ove the lights

    <<march 18/the little guy is dead im assuming, its all dried out, the others are growing strong im not sure how much theyve grown but theyre looking nice, i started misting them at least once a day

    <<march 20/so theyre still looking healthy but i cant tell if theyre growing, theres yellow leaves on the bottom of the big plants, one completly dried out

    <<march 21/theyre looking a little bigger, the bagseed looks the same, the leaves are still yellowing so i added nitrogen to them

    <<march 22/they look bigger and the little ones are growing, still some yellow leaves,  im going to start with nutrients soon

    <<march 24/ theyre getting really big, one small one had a growth spurt the other two are turning yellow on the tips im hopping theyre ok, the bag seed is still a ball of leaves, the other two are getting new growth almost eachday and starting to look like a marijuana plant, if those little ones die then i might veg for six weeks to get them huge *later 10 pm* the new growth on top looks like a marijuana leaf finally but theyre yellow, i added some nutrients, i hope i didnt fuck it up, i ordered a nutrients kit for $44

    <<march 25/ well most of the leaves of two are finally looking like pot leaves, the bag seed still looks fucked up, maybe its mutated, the little ones are yellowing and almost dieing i dont know what to do ill add some nitrogen to them *later 4pm* i decided to grow big and instead of milk jugs im using 2 gallon buckets, i think all i can do now it wait and see what happens, the big NLs are growing bigger, a small one is growing a little, and the other is getting more yellow, i hope i get atleast one female so i can clone it

    ••••••••••••••15 days••••••••••••••••••••

    <<march 26/they are still looking good and healthy, i ordered a Ph meter and a blue glass bowl, and i added nitrogen to them.. not much going on today haha just the usual

    <<march 27/ damn theyre getting big! the bagseed is still the same though, im going to transplant them soon*later at 6* i transplanted the biggest ones and it went smoooooth

    ^^ that was today, every two weeks ill update like this or sooner ill bring any problems here, so far the two oldest northern lights have six nodes, putting on two every three days, the bagseed is a mutant lol it looks like a bud, the middle aged on has 4 nodes, the youngest are yellowing at the bottom but have 4 true leaves, wish me luck!
  2. note: adam is my brother/grow partner, hes helping me with a lot of this

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