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  1. Hi gang, I'm taking my first plunge into running a hempy bucket and so far not so great.
    The gig
    1- 5 gal bucket
    filled with perlite ( course)
    three to one Vermiculite mixed in
    about 1 inch hole drilled 2 inches up from bottom
    a pinch of Mychooziazzl (sp) in the mix
    1 Shakzilla strain vegged for about 1 month
    BUT only placed in Hemp pot 1 week ago*
    3 weeks under CFL
    1 week under 400 MH light
    Fed 3 times
    Twice water, once 50% strength Grow nute

    Its lookin like its going to bite it, and its a nice strain I hate to lose.
    * regarding this point, I understand one must be dilligant while the roots make their way through the perlite and down to the reseviour after just being transplanted from a small pot it was raised in until it was chosen to be the candidate for this experiment. I'll have to get a few pics on here but it looks like the leaves are yellowing especially at the bottoms and the leavs at the top are cupping in an upward swing on the leaves telling me that it is thirsty, but I'm not sure if thats correct.
    I'm used to lifting my same ole dirt pots all the time and I know what they feel like so I could feed them blind if I had to, but I'm not used to the difference in the HP. Because of the 2 inches of res, it feels rather heavy to lift.
    So the question is, how long does it take the roots to make it to the bottom and hit the res at which point it may take a turn for the better

    ....If it lives that long.

    Any brothers ( or sisters) here who have raised them please advise.

    I'm new at it, but I've seen some pics of some nicely done hempys and I've seen very impressive, nice yielding looking girls in these things.

    I forgot to mention its been misted 3 times, twice with water and once with A little Thrive Alive in the water \t\t\t\t\t\t
  2. Hey if you check my sig (last page) I'm now doing my first hempy grow with 4 plants each in 1 gal Hawaiian Punch bottles. It took about a week from the transplant for the roots to hit the rez. Im sure since your using a 5 gal pot it might take a few more days or even another week. I DONT mist or get water on the leaves at all. I'm not sure how your nute burn got so bad because I have almost NONE since I switched to hempy.

    Hope this info helps you :smoke:
  3. Thanks,
    Yeah I dunno, I only gave them nutes once in the water and once in a foliar spray and both at only half strength. I'm not too concerned with the burn, I can fix that up, but I need the plant to show signs of less stress. The leaves are curling up and thats concerning me more.
  4. Did this ever get resolved? Im experiencing similar difficulties. Your thoughts you posted were exactly mine and im curious as to the outcome.
    Hope it cleared up for you though mate. Cheers!

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