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  1. Ok, so I am new to hydroponic growing. I have a general idea of how the hempy bucket works, but I have a question and would appreciate any help.

    Ok, so i understand the bucket is filled with a reservoir and has nutes in it. What i do not understand is before the roots reach the bottom of the bucket where the water/nutrients are, how does the plant get water? At the beginning the roots arent long enough to sit in the water, so how do they get water and nutes up until they get down into the water?

    I understand that I probably will have to water them a little everyday until the roots reach the resevior, but the water will just bascially run right through the medium and down to the bottom of the bucket. Is that enough to keep the plant going until it reached the water/nutes at the bottom of the bucket?

    Thanks to anyone who helps me out...
  2. Assuming you are using rookwool? and hydroton (clay pellets). I first soak the rookwool and Pellets in 5.8 pH water, pellets for a few days, rookwool overnight, I use the rookwool cube to seed, paper towel works but you have to place in cube when it sprouts, I just sprout in cube eliminating chance of harming seedling. Now, once cube and pellets are setup in pots, fill bucket with pH 5.8- 6.2 water to within an inch of the top of bucket, top water cube if rookwool starts to dry, when the roots have grown 1 in. out the bottom of pot, lower bucket level to have a half inch air space between bottom of pot and water level, that is it, your airstone will keep everything mixed and oxynated. Don't use any nutes for the first 10-15 days, and the only a 1/4 dose and gradually increase as the plant grows. I highly suggest root suppliments, SilicaBlast and voodoo type sups. 20160330_174131.jpg 20160330_174147.jpg 20160330_174218_002.jpg 20160503_041619.jpg
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  3. Once the roots reach the water they start drinking, the air stone keeps it all mixed, you should make it a habit of checking the pH daily as a multitude of factors can affect it, I use AN nutes which is pH perfect except if using tap water as I do. With the proper root supplements and pH, they will explode with growth, sit back and be prepared to be amazed! Any questions, feel free to ask.
    My grow journal from last year:
    Hydroponic Grow Journals
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  4. Are we talking about an actual Hempy bucket, or dwc, like mr.f is explaining?

    Hempy is totally different. You will water from the top. That will drain down to the res area in the bottom and spill out the overflow hole. Obviously a young seedlling won't need much watering to start. Most people use coco/perlite for the medium. It will wick up some water from the res. So, it's not like it'll dry up real quick on you or anything. Once the medium is wetted and res area full. You won't have to touch the bucket for a week or better.

    Nutes and feeding, that's all debatable...
    I'd do a Google search on modified Lucas for coco.
    Botanicare Hydroguard, and House and Garden drip clean are highly recommended additions regardless of method of growing.
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  5. Hi, thanks for the response. I appreciate all the work and information you have given me, but this is a bubble bucket style of growing and not a hempy bucket style. With hempy bucket you do not need an airstone and the water just sits at the bottom of the bucket. You dont need an airstone because every so often you are changing the water and the water already has oxygen in it. I will look into more of your way, but i heard hempy bucket is easier, and i am new to this style of growing.

    Great stuff BTW
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  6. Yes crankz, but my question is before the roots reach the bottom of the bucket and sit in the water, they are basically sitting in perlite (i am going to do 100% perlite). Will perlite hold enough water until the roots reach the bottom of the bucket and sit in the water?

    Also, when is a good time to start adding nutes?

  7. Yeah, I have not seen this method only posted by a few, I will check it out though. Sorry if this didn't help, but if you decide on DWC it will help you.
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  8. Ok, found a few links on this, it is intriguing, seems like most prefer the coco coir with it, you just have to love the innovation. I found my link for sure:
    An Idiot's Guide to Hempy
  9. I wouldn't use straight perlite. For the res area, yes. Not the whole thing. Do yourself a favor and get Botanicare ready grow coco.
    Do 50/50 coco/perlite. $20 for a bag. Save up if you have to.


    Search modified Lucas and feed from the start.
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  10. Yea just hand water until it comes out the hole and it will wick up to the roots...the tap root hits the res pretty quick like a few days..I did straight perlite for a while but adding vermiculite or coco will keep the plant more stable...expect to prop it up when it gets top heavy
  11. Great. Thanks for the help. If you dont mind can you answer the following questions...

    1. Id like to do the hempy bucket outside, but i am worried about the summer temps heating the water. How hot can the water get until i run into problems?

    2. After i plant the sprouted seedling, how long until i start giving nutes?

    Thanks for the help guys
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  12. 1. I ran my hempys outdoors last summer, when 110F hit they were fine

    2. You should already know this or google more, but wait until the cotyledons yellow then start at 1/4 strength.
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  13. This is a really noob question but I'm going to ask anyways. How can there be a reservoir if the bucket is filled with a growing medium? Doesn't the reservoir have to be empty space, as in somehow creating a space between the bottom of the bucket and the growing medium for the nutrient rich water to sit/drain if needed?
  14. I don't grow that style, but if you google Dutch bucket hydroponics, you should be able to find some videos that explain it. Hempy is basically the same thing. The reservoir, in this case, does contain medium. It just doesn't drain off like a normal planter pot. The bottom of the bucket acts as storage of a small excess of nute solution (reservoir)...

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