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  1. Do you dry pipe guys use hempwick? I mostly vape but when I rip bong I always use it - I can't stand the taste of butane and it's worse in dry pipes for me. Thoughts?
  2. I love hempwick. so much cleaner! butane is bad for your heart and lungs
  3. For me, it's great, but because of how annoying it is to use, I only use it once in a while. Like a novelty. I'll admit the taste is better and the high is much cleaner. But the flame goes out from the slightest breeze and you either leave it burning and forget about it and burn your fuckin index finger (me) or you can put it out after each hit and hate your life more each time you have to relight it. So it's a pain in the ass but yea it's fuckin sweet
  4. I gave it a shot and fell in love with it. I even sent some to my Dad who is 63 I figured he would laugh and never try it but he did and loves it too
  5. It's all about a magnifying glass!
  6. I agree it's annoying. I light a candle and use it with that whenever I do use it though
  7. I had a seashell necklace I packed with coiled wick so it'd dispense thru lil hole in point of shell called it my hippie flashlight
  8. The taste and quality of the smoke is better with hempwick, but lighters are more convenient.

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  9. Glo rod's @ home..hempwick on the go. Hempwick by hippies, Raw and Beeline are my choices.

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