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Hempwick Vs Herb Iron

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlueDream4Ever, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Does the hempwick and herb iron have the same effects when smoking? Do they give same herb flavour or is the herb iron better than hempwick?

  2. glass wand trumps both of em imo, herb iron ties you to the wall and hempwick adds a lil hempy taste
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    Well with the hemp iron youre getting 100% ganj

    Try using the sun to light it with a magniyfying glass!
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  4. Herb iron is way better than hemp wick! I use hemp wick for on the go and use herb iron at home.
  5. I like my herb iron better. Cord is 8 ft long, so it's not terrible to have it plugged in.
  6. Hempwick is still burning plant matter, will affect taste.
    Herb Iron is an inert ceramic heating element. Pretty much as pure as it gets, besides using glass rods to smoke with.
    Loved mine before it broke. Derp. I don't have a receipt for it, so doubt I can get it fixed.
  7. I love hemp wick the best

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