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Hempwick or fluid lighters?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GNJ Aristocrat, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I'm that health concious kid, and I always hate accidentally inhaling the lighter fluid at the end of the bowl when you're trying to smoke those crystals stuck on the sides.. I do this often when I'm baked, but I hate it. I'm considering buying a pack of hempwick, but I don't want to buy a whole pack and be dissapointed with it.

    Your opinion/s on it? Easy to keep lit? Annoying to hold? Etc.
    I smoke outdoors if that makes any difference.
  2. buy a 200' spool, wrap a few layers around your lighter, have cleaner tastier hits on the go. this will last you a pretty good long time.
  3. i never understood the whole lighter vs. wick thing.

    wouldnt anything bad in the butane, or whatever gas it is, be consumed and/or changed by the chemical process of combustion?

    and if using a wick wouldnt you be inhaling the smoke from the burning fiber that comprises the wick?

    Does anyone really know the answer? lol
    (i dont:confused:)
  4. ^^ yes and yes

    the lighter taste just makes the hit taste like shit most of the time
    and since the hempwick is only hemp(what your already inhaling anyways...) plus some beeswax..... you get the idea
  5. yea man I absolutely hate that lighter taste when i'm smoking cigs and with my one-hitter so I ordered a 200 foot spool of beeline last week. It still has yet to get here though.
  6. Fire's Fire to me.
  7. fyi, lighters do NOT burn 100% of the butane upon combustion. so yes you are inhaling butane.
  8. well make do of your outdoor surrondings grab some stones and smash those bitches together:smoking:
  9. Butane Shmutane... wick shdick... I use the tip of a soldering iron.

  10. I would rather inhale a gas that will most likely evaporate before it ever reaches my lungs than inhale burning rope fibers. It might be made out of hemp but thats not what your weed consists of. Hemp if the fiber from the stems. The part you smoke is the flower. I dont care if its made of hemp or not..a rope is a rope in my book

  11. hell, i burn myself when i'm sober. how bad would it be when i'm flying? and i really hate getting blisters.
  12. i use bic's and my zippo... i prefer the zippo, seems to burn cooler, and that distinct taste of bud with some fuel is warming in the cold lol
  13. Solar hits bro. Get yourself a magnifying glass.

  14. thats nasty son! zippos taste like someone shit in a bowl
  15. lol you funny
  16. The flame is a little more resilient to wind, and hemp wick is always a good buy. Definitely worth it especially if you hate lighter fluid taste.

  17. bro i found out about this just a few months ago...

    it is fucking epic, and thats coming from a kid who used to burn things for fun with a magnifying glass as a kid.. (newspapers, toy soldiers etc etc) CRAZY FUN

    but you me sally, jones and bob all know that not everyday is a sunny one. like shit man now thats its fall most days our cloudy

    the worst is when you' are waiting for the clouds to move so you can use your magnifying glass hahaha. but it keeps getting blocked and blocked hahahahaha

    but ya solar hits are GODLY and taste like nothing but bud when the sun is readily available :smoke:

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