Hempwick Hard On Your Lungs?

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  1. I started using hemp wick 100% of the time because of a change in living situations and I noticed I was smoking less and it was harsher, but I thought it was just the pot. Than I started having persistent bronchitis-like lung issues.
    It never occurred to me until my boyfriend suggested I try switching back to lighters and the difference was immediate and noticeable.
    I was smoking more, coughing less and I didn't get this feeling like I had sawdust in my weed anymore. Tested it since than and the difference is like "duh", now.
    I haven't met anybody else whose had this experience. I did find I tasted the weed better in the beginning but other than that it didn't get me higher or anything. Everybody else says the hemp wick is much nicer on their lungs and raves about it.
    The only complaints I hear are the hassle or expense of it (one time, somebody "accidentally" lit my whole roll on fire so they could smoke out'f my pipe without it.)
    So has anybody else had this experience with hemp wick?

  2. What brand of hemp wick do you have?
  3.  That sounds rough! It's often all in the brand, it definitely makes a big difference... I've thrown out several samples of wick over the years myself! Over the last few years I've found that my favorite wick is made by Bee Line, I've never had any issues with their wick, and I've had a near 100% switch-over rate with patients who I've introduced it to :)  The folks over there are so confident in their wick, that they'll actually accept OTHER brands of inferior wick, and replace it with theirs! If you still have any of your inferior wick left, you should get in touch with them :) I appreciate the length they go to in order to be sure their wick is clean and organic, and healthy. :yay:

    Here's the info page and a quick excerpt, it sounds like they're familiar with what you're dealing with:
    "a message from Beeline -
    Aloha friends,

    First off, huge mahalos to everyone for supporting hemp and natural bee products.

    We've been getting alot of emails lately about knock-off brands of hemp wicks
    People are telling us these wicks have a harsh taste and burn poorly.

    We want to offer a free trade-in for anyone who unkowingly bought one of these wicks.
    That way you can taste the difference between Beeline and the bogus brands.

    Our hemp is 100% organic (no pesticides, no funky fertilizer)

    Our hemp is naturally processed (many hemps are treated with acid salts in order to make them more pliable) which is bad for the earth and for you.

    Our beeswax is 100% natural, untreated. It comes from pristine sources (clean air, no nearby cities). Beeswax will absorb any pollutants within the vicinity so make sure your wax comes from a clean area.

    We promise to keep making the absolute best quality wicks.
    That's what the Beeline name means to us.

    So if you purchased a spool of bogus hemp wick dont be bummed,
    We'll trade you for pure organic, high quality beeline"
    Hope this helps! :)
  4. I was using a thin wick from Humboldt Hempick, it's 100% organic and all that. And I've tried a few other kinds, we used to use beeline and I've tried the other brand, too, Ital or something. Any other good brands out there? Because I'd like to not use lighters, if possible.
  5. Just remembered, another thing I should look into is trying one of those... herb irons? Those look really neat.
    The beesline is good stuff, I think that was the first stuff I ever tried and I remember being amazed by how much I could taste the bud! It's been suggested that my lungs are just sensitive to beeswax vapors, too. Which I think might be it, because it works superb for my boyfriend because his lungs react against lighters and so hempwick is the only thing he uses and it keeps his lungs just fine.
  6. i've been using it for years it's never had an effect on my lungs...i've only used Beeline
  7. I prefer the Herb Iron IMO!
  8. I have the thin humboldt hemp wick so try the thick humboldt hemp wick to see if you like it better. I have the herb iron and it amazing. I use hemp wick for outside and herb iron for inside.

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