hempwick dispenser

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by RUFFLZ, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. just wondering if anyone nos where i can get a tiny ass jar like a hempwick holder. i dont really wanna pay 10 bucks for a tiny jar of glass if i can find one for way cheaper
  2. Humboldt traders sells little glass cylinders with corks that have a metal tube going through the middle of them + 10 ft of wick for $7. And you get your choice of quite a few colors.

    It's really not that bad of a deal, and it was like $8.80 to get it shipped to TX.

  3. ya i no its pretty cheap im just thinking i could get something for like a dollar at michaels or something?
  4. Yea just stop to a hobby lib y and find like a bead jar or something for paints. Craft Stores are a pothead wonderland!?!
  5. I wrap my BeeLine on metal sewing machine bobbins.
  6. humboldt traders is doing free shipping right now so their holder would only be 7 bucks. you can also use a baby food jar :smoke:

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