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Hempress Birthday Happness Parade!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cowofsteel, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Well okay, there's no parade.... but there should be!!! Since you made me a happy birthday picture i knew that i'd better return the favor!


    hehe i tried...
  2. sure.. heres a little pic I made too...

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  3. happy bday !! i made you a card too

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  4. i thought it was tomarra....
  5. Happt B-Day Hempress... Wish you could be here!!!!!!

  6. it is tommorow (both of ours) but shes going to be outta town so i figured i'd make one today...
  7. Happy Birthday Mary. Im not as wonderfully talented as you are with photoshop, sorry. but heres strongbad doin a little dance, cause its your b-day tomorrow!!!!! yay!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!

    smoke a jay for me!

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    i'm not too late am i.

    sorry... got caught up talking to moonlighthigh
  9. Happy birthday smoked a big bowl earleier for ya!
  10. Man, I went to Rehoboth Beach today with 5 of my friends and my boyfriend...things were rocky at first, because two of my best friends hooked up this weekend and were kinda ignoring me, but things are ok now.

    I got soooo back looks like a lobster! But that's ok, because I like getting burned...I can't wait until my skin peels (I love peeling skin).

    I didn't get many presents, but I had fun with my friends, and I did get to smoke a lot today:D

    I hope your birthday was good too, Cowofsteel!

    PS- Thanks for all the pictures, they're cute :D
  11. HIGH All, opps sorry I'm Always late..


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  12. Hempress, sounds like a great way to spend your birthday...the weather must have been PERFECT at Rehoboth...hope you lit-up on the beach...I used to torch it over by guards, no hassles...bring your dogs & your weed & have fun! ;)
  13. happy b-day both of yas :D

    hope they were great :)

    ::does the b-day dance and looks foolish::
  14. Late again, she is...

    Happy Birthday, girl!!! I hope it kicked ass!!!! :)
  15. w00tness :D

    Happy bday hempy! ;)
  16. ::giggles uncontrollably::

    You guys are so sweet..LOL

    Thanks :D

  17. Hows this for being late :smoking: stml works again ,lol .

    another year older and a lot wiser my friend .

    l hope ya have a fantastic day and ya get all your heart desires :D
  18. well, its tomorrow right kids? cows and hempress!! happy birthday to you both!! :D ill be celebrating!

  19. ok,so l,am early :smoking:

  20. nah, perfect timing! :D

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