hempfest was...awesome

Discussion in 'General' started by garfield206, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. cops were everywhere for some reason then i was like :eek: then i started smoking and the cops were just staring at me and just rode their bikes around...and then i was like :smoking:
    and i found a dime on the ground downtown seattle :D
  2. Dude, you lit up in front of a cop?
  3. there are cops everywhere at hempfest... they don't stop you. enter Seattle Hempfest.
  4. im going in a little bit..yeah smokin in front of cops is fun. haha, last time i went, i came out of the crowd smoking two joints and walked right in front of about 7 biker cops just staring at me..

    haha i walked away giggling.:cool:
  5. LMFAO why don't they get people who smoke??
  6. cuz theres 500,000 of us.
  7. dude that sounds great
  8. I am intrigued!

  9. Yea, its pretty awesome, smoking marijuana is the lowest enforced crime in seattle... cops know its not a danger, or crime inducing.

    Unfortunatly, they also don't stop little kids from toking. Last year I saw some 11-14 year olds smoking in a circle, watched three cops look at them, say something to eachother, and keep walking.

  10. how easy is it to get sum herb?

  11. I'm pretty sure its illegal no matter what your age.
    It really doesn't matter if its a 14 year old smoking or an 18 year old.
  12. Yes, it does matter. Your body doesn't stop developing until you are 25. Marijuana stunts growth.

    How many responsible, intelligent and contributing people do you know who started young?

    I know none. I'm not saying they aren't out there, but I've yet to meet any.

    I have however met someone who started smoking when they where nine years old.
    He was not smart, he was not fully functional. Yea, he was cool, but productive he was not.

    And getting ganja is doable, but you gotta keep your eyes peeled, baked goods are easier to find :hello:
  13. i had fun, bought 3 new pipes, ate a burrito listened to hella different music including Bone THugs, smoked multiple bowls and blunts on the rocks watching the sunset.

    very nice indeed, and tonnnnnnnnnnns of people supporting.

    and yes the popo were present and walking around talking with people and shit. i didnt see anyone arrested or anything once.

    as soon as you enter thres a cloud of smoke and the SWEET SKUNKY SCENT of da dank.

  14. yea man it was great...cant wait till next year...
  15. Hempfest was amazing, watching that many marijuana enthusiasts gather peacefully every year is one of the most inspiring sights I've ever seen. They were pouring into the gates at each end of Myrtle Edwards Park like rivers. I was all set to do a smoke report and then the heat got to me, ugh!

    Also for those wondering why when you lit up in front of a cop they didn't do anything? It's a mutual agreement that was reached between the event organizers and the City of Seattle/Cops called modus vivendi which basically means they "agreed to disagree." Which means you can get away with smoking weed at hempfest, which is why cops make no arrests there. When Hempfest first started people were getting arrested in droves until they came to the agreement I just mentioned.
  16. I actually have a few friends who started way back in the 7th grade. Actually I started way back in the 7th grade and im pretty damn tall, good grades, athletic. You can overcome just about any of the bad side effects from weed by simply being motivated
  17. Yeah definately best part about hempfest is just being able to set out your bong or toke a blunt in front of the cops. And damn this years weather was awesome! + rep God.

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