Hempfest 2012

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  1. Is anyone planning on attending? I'm goin on Sunday probably for the deals, and i cant miss a public smokeout/activist event. For anyone that doesent know. It's like a huge swapmeet,music,festival,smokeout amazing place that I beleive is the biggest dank gathering in the world to raise awareness on the truth of the herb . Correct me if I'm wrong. And you can smoke,and the cops are there for security and you won't get in trouble unless your caught selling.. Ohhh I love the northwest
  2. Dude! I've always wanted to go to Hempfest! Where is it?
  3. Seattle,Washington. Look it up
  4. Boston Hempfest is next month! I'm going to that one. haha :smoking:
  5. Mmmm I want too :/..
    I've only went to the moscow one in idaho...not that great but still a good time.

    Does GC have a booth or anything there?
  6. Ima go on sat. Me and my cuz gonna go. I've never been to a public smoke out. I wanna see a lot of the stuff they have for hemp use. It's gonna be fun.
  7. Does it heavily focus on the hemp plant, or is it just another excuse for a bunch of hippies to smoke?
  8. Ill be there! all 3 days ;)
  9. i wish i was. some love from the 509 to the 206

  10. [quote name='"Demiurge"']Does it heavily focus on the hemp plant, or is it just another excuse for a bunch of hippies to smoke?[/quote]

    I think both. I read on there web site and Facebook there gonna have a lot of hemp related things. Like clothes , wallets, etc. I really wanna see all the cool things hemp can be made out of. I'll prolly find some hemp paper to write on.
  11. I'll be moving up there shortly after the date it happens. :(

    Next year though..
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    They sell pipes,bongs,shirts,food,just about any gadget dank related would be for sell. There are activists who speak on ending the ridiculus prohibition on marijuana. You can sign petitions. All kinds of fun stuff no matter if ya just wanna get baked,or participate in the movement. It's at a long park so its like a long swap meet thing you can smoke at, overlooking the water...I'm only goin on Sunday since my bitch gf has to work fri and sat........

    Lsd,are you going to get your medical card here for any reason..if so I know a medical cannabis judging event with amazing catering in Seattle coming up just for patients as well....if your interested. Better than hempfest
  13. I'm going to try and go to the Boston one,sucks being on the East Coast..

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