HempFest 2009 Seattle - GC get together?

Discussion in 'General' started by JCrohn, Feb 10, 2009.

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    alright, i thought of an idea.

    many of you know that hempfest is the greatest event in the world...basically seattle's myrtle edwards park turns into amsterdam for a whole weekend.

    august 16-17 this year.

    anyway, i was thinking that we should get all the people on the GC to meet up (if you're going).

    Who else wants to try to organize this?

    Post here!


    BTW - Marijuana posession laws are NOT enforced during the event and rarely are in seattle anyways :)

    Also - WA RESIDENTS NEED TO PUSH FOR THE REFORM OF THE MARIJUANA LAW... we need the decrim initiative to pass! (Although, im pretty sure hempfest attendees would vote like 99.99999% to .000001% lol)
  2. fuck i'm down
    i live like 2-3 hours away, in the yakima valley
  3. Fuck I live in Georgia but would still make that trip!! :smoking: Count me in!
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    I live about an hour away. What do you think the chances of finding acid or shrooms down there are?

    Also, what is there to do down there besides smoke? I've never attended.
  5. see the city, as well as many prsentations and bands that are there.

    the nightlife in seattle is really fun too :)
  6. Shit was crazy 2009...was with 5150 tattoo they brought the worlds largest fucking joint

    Over 4 lbs!!!
  7. Same here. Atlanta's entirely too far away from Seattle. Oh well.

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