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  1. http://www.hempdepot.ca/

    Based out of ontario, they have seeds from alot of different seedbanks.

    Anyone have experience with these guys?
  2. I did. I got my seeds within 2 weeks. I ordered 10 early grizzly for outdoors. I recieved 12 seeds, 2 of them were white undeveloped dead seeds, the other 10 were really small. They are the only seeds i've never been able to germinate. even those old columbian seeds that were all through the weed of the seventies germinated. Maybe it was the strain i chose, all i know those seeds were crap.
  3. i tried them and recieved nothing ...... but they did say they recieved my payment...try world of seeds there GREAT.. check out my afghan kush thead from last summer one seed monster..from WWW.WORLDOFSEEDS.EU
  4. damn two bad experiences. anyone else?

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