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  1. HempCycle.org is currently planning to launch a tour in April, 2003 with a hybrid motorcycle powered by hempseed oil-based biodiesel fuel, to educate the public about the economic and environmental advantages to using hemp as an alternative fuel source for hybrid vehicles. We believe the combination of the use of hemp fuel and hybrid vehicles will go a long way toward healing the environmental damage done by petroleum use, and reduce US dependence on foreign oil. With $50 billion a year in tax dollars spent on military protection of overseas oil interests, the cost burden of petroleum fuels is unfairly shouldered by everyone, regardless of how much or how little fuel they consume. If we had to pay the full cost of procurement, transport and processing of crude oil at the pump, gasoline would cost well over $4 per gallon. Since plant material absorbs carbon dioxide as it's growing, fuels made from plant material merely release the same carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, and do not contribute to the buildup of greenhouse gasses as much as their petroleum counterparts.The motorcycle HempCycle.org will be using for this educational tour is a hybrid motorcycle made by eCycle, Inc. in Temple, Pennsylvania. This unique vehicle utilizes a high-torque electric motor to provide power for acceleration, and a small diesel engine to provide power for steady speed cruising. While both methods of propulsion have their drawbacks when used separately, they complement each other when used in tandem. When not providing propulsion, the electric motor serves double duty as a generator to recharge the batteries and power the fuel injection system, lights and other electrical subsystems of the vehicle.

    eCycle http://www.ecycle.com estimates their hybrid motorcycle will travel 180 miles per gallon, accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds, and attain a top speed of 80 miles per hour.HempCycle.org can't make its tour without the help of sponsors. The first twelve businesses or organizations to provide a weatherproof vinyl decal and pay $600 will have their logo displayed on a side panel of the motorcycle and on our website. If there is still room left on the bike for more decals after the first twelve sponsors, we will provide space until we run out. Other businesses and organizations wishing to support our efforts at a lower commitment level will be listed on our website with a text or graphic link.Since the HempCycle tour will be made via motorcycle, the tour will take place during the spring and summer months only. We will begin next spring, and tour all summer long, and continue the tour in 2004. The motorcycle will always be fueled with biodiesel, but we can only guarantee that it will be powered by hempseed oil-based biodiesel for the first six months of the first riding season. Should we run out of our supply of hempseed oil-based fuel, we will rely on our nationwide list of biodiesel distributors to avoid using petroleum fuel as much as possible. Most biodiesel commercially available in the US is made from soybean and/or canola oil. Hemp is a much more viable crop for producing biodiesel fuel than either of these crops, due to the fact that hemp can be used to produce both vegetable oil and methanol, the two major ingredients in biodiesel fuel. We would prefer to use hempseed oil-based fuel for as long as possible, but due to the US government's prohibition on domestically grown hemp, the cost of hempseed oil is a major obstacle for us to overcome. Fortunately, with the hybrid vehicle technology we will be using, fuel consumption will be minimal.For more information, contact:

    E-mail: sponsorship@hempcycle.org
    URL: www.hempcycle.org
  2. this is a great event, but...

    even henry ford knew how good it was to use cannabis for some aspect of personal travel back in 34 when he demonsrated his car that was made from and ran on cannabis... are we really moving forward? why can't a car company fully pick up the idea and run with it in a production vehicle... or at the very least take one to any of these huge concept car shows... it's not like they havn't got the money, time or space.
  3. Well thats partially true, I agree with you, this is more for demonstration purposes just showing how versatile hemp can be, but fuels made from hempseed oil are much more expensive and time consuming to make than other alternative uses such as 100% electricity... And if a car company were to use a natural organic fuel such as one of these they'd most likely use fuels made of wheat thistle which is much easier to produce locally(unlike hemp where its impossible to grow in large numbers in most places around here) and its all around cheaper. But if I had to choose one biofriendly fuel to switch to Id have to use electricity, its much better, and the hempseed can be used in more practical ways such as making yummy foods and seedcake for farm animals... Theres already another groupd thats beend riving a car that runs on hemp fuels(I think its just www.hempcar.org) and they occasionally tour around northern america..but they too are just using this as a gimic for demonstrational purposes showing the versatility of this wonderful plant.
  4. How much more expensive, NuBBiN? I feel if they would lift the prohibition and let our farmers cultivate hemp, then someone could design a system that is somewhat economical to make the fuel. Even if it can't be economical, the pros of having our own natural fuel coming from our country must outway the cons. I don't see how we could lose by trying.
  5. sounds cool i heard about this done with an older mercedes.

    progress is progress. =)


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