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  1. Hemp

    October 1, 2010: New Vitamin Enriched Hemp Drink

    October 1, 2010: Australia's Hemp Industry Caught Up in Political Red Tape

    September 28, 2010: In Praise of Hemp

    September 26, 2010: Hemp Plastics Show Their Mettle

    More available at title link but this is enough to show the potential competition legalized hemp will create. Not only do we have the government and drug warriors fighting legalization,but some of the largest industries in the world will feel the effects of legalized hemp. It is our anchor on pot legalization.

    But the same practical application of truth and scientific evidence of marijuana's safety and therapeutic attributes will beat their support of prohibition,the same way it has the drug warriors.

    There are fewer corporation controlled votes in our country than in the legislatures and that is why any legalization effort will have to be by the people. Just as Ca is attempting now.

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