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Hemp Wick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 420 bruhh, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Where can I get hemp wick? Besides a heap shop.
  2. Ebay is a very inexpensive start :) Some of us make our own, but if you can't make it you can get it cheaper there than most places, and you have the benefit of seeing feedback/reviews.. you'll know whether you can expect a long wait, or a fast arrival.
  3. How do you make it?
  4. If you smoke enough to collect stems, or even better if you grow, it's just a process of shredding and soaking thin strands of your stalks and stems in distilled water, over and over, until they're very clean burning and salt-free (which they already should be, but this helps make the resulting material more malleable and easier to work with, as well), then dipping and rolling the thin strands together in organic beeswax.
    If you're meticulous, it looks as good or better than the real thing, and it burns just as clean or cleaner.. if I'd been thinking I would have snapped photos of the last batch the last time this came up, at the moment I'm using the 'name brand' stuff :)
    Not quite as fun, but it gets the job done.
  5. What if I just bought a candle wick at like micheals, or something; same thing right?
  6. No it is not the same thing, I've made my own by buying hemp twine at Micheal's or Joanne's craft stores and dipping it in melted beeswax (which you can buy online).

    Or you can go here: TheBeelineStore.com

    I suggest buying it so you can insure quality, ya dig?
  7. DO NOT USE BEELINE! Its the worst. Ital is also aweful. I dont know why the head shops even carry that stuff. I tried all the wicks I can find online and most of them are too exspensive and taste like crap. If you're in Humboldt you can get Humboldt wick at most of the shops. You can also go to www.humboldt-traders.com for good deals on humboldt wick. I always get mine from eBay because I like the buyer protection but my friend ordered right off the site and it came 2 days later. That website also has really cool wick holders to keep next to your bong. The wick holders are kind of too big though to take on outdoor excursions. I love to hike and leave a trail of smoke!

    Does anyone one know a good site for wick holders?
  8. hey man, I just want to tell you that I tried all the wicks and the hemp wick from humboldt is my favorite. I think its the cheapest too. you can find it on eBay, thats where I get it, or they have a website called humboldt-traders.com.
  9. Lotta people say lotta good shit bout Beeline..but whatevs.
    Wrap that shit around your lighter.
  10. i bought a roll a few days ago at liquid chrome just to try it out.lt costed me 5$ for a big roll of it. waste of time and money i found out though. cause you light it off your lighter then light your bowl with it. and it just creates a pointless step to smoking a bowl. its supposed to be healthier but you wont notice any changes. using it just gets annoying with it. just my $0.02 though . you can order them online. the Grasscity shop might have them.:hello: its easier to just go to your local head shop to save shipping charges and get it right away. are you underage so they wont let you in you local head shop? if so here comes the ban hammer
    im just joking though.

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  11. I do have a friends that only uses beeline. I just personally prefer the wick from humboldt. it tastes so delicious just like the humboldt buds!
  12. I've used what I think is bee line. What tastes bad is when the wick goes out and the smoke that is coming off the smoldering end of twine. That smoke tastes terrible and like absolute shit. But just don't inhale the smoke from when you put out the bee line and it's always worked for me.
  13. nice. I think some people like the thickness of beeline and others want a thinner hemp wick. I think the biggest factor seems to beeee the beeswax used. After I tried about 6 different wicks I found at local shops and on the internet, I settle for the one they make locally here in humboldt. Something about the humboldt bees, I guess! Everyone smokes in humboldt, even the bees!! lol.

    Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a wick holder? Any hemp wick out there I should try?
  14. Yeah I definitely want to try the Humboldt wick, and to be honest I've never seen one of those wick holders but they look cool.
  15. I've been searching for hemp wick holders but I can only find the ones on the humboldt-traders.com website. There are some on etsy but they are the same as the ones on the website. Someone wrote an article about using a dental floss container for hemp wick but I think the plastic would melt if the flame gets too low.:bongin:

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