Hemp wick? Or bic lighter?

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  1. So im buying a new pipe online and i come accross this hemp wick stuff. It says how better it is than using lighters and how bad lighters are for you. I just want to know if this is true or companies are just wanting you to buy this stuff?
  2. you can taste your bud better when you use one, but theres no point if your not smoking top shelf
  3. Hemp wicks are largely for the flavor, as in you're not sucking up butane with every hit like you do with a lighter. That said, the amount of gasses you inhale from a lighter is very minor and shouldn't worry you any more than inhaling whatever you burn with it.

    As a personal note, i've tried hemp wicks but always lit them up with a lighter. Eventually, I just cut it out of my routine entirely, started using the lighter again and never missed the wick at all.
  4. I like to use mine with my chillum, so I can smoke the traditional way without a partner to light my bowl. I also like to light a candle once, and just keep relighting my wick off of it to save some effort.
  5. they both have their pros and cons I'll start with lighters
    you can put out the flame easy
    more windproof
    easy to get and replace
    bad taste
    won't stay lit by itself
    gets very hot
    gets lost/stolen

    hemp wick
    pros taste
    will stay lit on its own
    cheap $.10 a foot
    hard to put out and very quickly burning at times
    not easy to light in the wind
    picks up dirt
  6. I've never used a hemp wick before, I guess it's healthier b/c your not inhaling butane. But Butane evaporates at room temperature so I don't understand how you can inhale it long after it's combusted. I'm sure they are all good.
  7. I love hemp wick but I only use thin wicks because I feel they give me the best flavor.
  8. there both good they both light what ever your tryna light so BOTH lol
  9. i've noticed that using hemp wick actually covers some of the mj smell which could be good for stealth. from my experiences, the bowl burns more evenly and slowly whenever i use wick. some ppl don't like using wick because it can be inconvenient in a group setting, but in those cases, i have mine rolled around my lighter and get ppl to just hold onto the unwinded part of the wick string as the bowl gets passed around. i never lose my lighter this way :).

    whatever u do, wick is a great alternative and makes the smoking experience more pleasurable if u can deal with its little quirks.
  10. I always use Beeline thick wick, its much better than a lighter for both taste and health IMO
  11. Both . Wrap the hempwick around the bic

  12. ^^^ Word. u gotta use a lighter to light it. Might as well just use the lighter lol
  13. Hemp wick tastes shittier than a bic lighter... but i never taste anything wen i use bics, u cant sit there with the flame on the weed the whole hit, u gotta do it quick... Light it n get the hell outta there.. Doesnt affect taste at all.

    I never understood why people like hempwick, i tried it and it made my weed taste like complete shit.
  14. Hemp wick taste better and is better for you. You avoid inhaling lighter fluid which apparently fucks up your brain.
  15. ^ your the first person that I've heard say that hempwick makes their bud taste like shit. Imo it tastes way better especially if your blazing fire
  16. [quote name='"Saca La"']

    ^^^ Word. u gotta use a lighter to light it. Might as well just use the lighter lol[/quote]

    Haha but its not direct contact with butane when you light your bowl....I personally love hemp wick,I keep a fat strand wrapped around my lighter at all times....I also wrap it around my spoon
  17. Just buy some and use it for a while and then try a lighter, you'll taste the shitty fuel taste. I got like 200 ft of Humboldt for $10 on ebay.

  18. Not only do hemp wicks produce a much better flavor, from your herb, but they also burn at a FRACTION of the temperature that the flame of a butane/lighter fluid produces, and as such they destroy much less potency when starting up your bowl or snap. :)

    I got a free sample a few years ago, and never looked back... haven't used a lighter for combustion, ever since. I still have and use glass wands and ceramic irons, but the wick is perfect for either relaxed, and on-the-go combustion.

    I'll often make my own, using the stalks and stems from my own crops. :)

    When I don't make my own, I'll buy the thick-wick spools from the real BeeLine folks, then split the wick down the middle, and have 400ft for the price of one spool :D

    This is how I 'split' it.... I like to cut 10' lengths, roll them up, then split the ends as I need them (I'll roll the split-side I'm not currently using).

    You want to look for good, natural, organic beeswax made from the best flowers, and unbleached, natural hemp.



    If you accidentally buy some low-grade, knock-off hemp wick, they'll actually accept ANY brand as a return, and replace it for you with their own wick so you can taste the difference! [​IMG]

    Here's the note about returns, from their store.

    They'll also send you a free sample if you email them. :)
  19. What brand hemp wick was it? Because I can say from experience that I-Tal hemp wick totally has a taste and its horrible. Beeline is the only one Ive tried that has zero flavor, probably because its organic hemp and organic bees wax.

  20. Another problem newer users have, is when they don't realize you need to extinguish it properly... if you let it smolder with an ember at the tip, rather than snuffing it out, you're producing and smelling improperly combusted wax and hemp.

    Some folks also hold it too close to the bowl, and their initial inhale blows it out, sucking that smoldering smoke into their bowl, to mix with their hit.

    A good wick, once you learn how to use it properly (pretty much by your second hit :p ) tastes much cleaner, and degrades much less potency, than any other fuel-driven combustion. :)

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