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  1. So about a week ago, I get this pm from trichrome og telling me to contact Humboldt Traders for a free hemp wick lighter. Not knowing wtf he's even talking about I looked them up, sent them an email asking for a sample and two days later, I was holding a 1 foot string of hemp wick that seems to be dipped in beeswax. On the label, it says it's the only lighter approved by the american lung association and lists the various illnesses associated with using lighters. I was told by trichrome I'd notice a taste difference immediately.

    After trying the wick for about a day or two, I ordered 100 feet of it, 50 feet of thin string, 50 feet of the thick stuff. I ordered it last friday and on monday, got an email saying they had moved over the weekend but would ship it monday. I didn't realize that when I initially contacted them, I had done so from one email and ordered from another, then contacted them back and forth through two different emails as I replied to two different people from the company. Finally, today the owner contacts me, asks if I got a shipping confirmation and tracking number. Apparently by contacting them from two emails, they were convinced I was two different people and there was a mixup. When I told him I hadn't received my package yet, he went above and beyond. He refunded all my money, around 11:50 dollars AND sent me the 100 feet of hemp wick free to make sure I'm satisfied, shipping on them. I was kinda startled, because I didn't expect so much service, since Im used to having to fight tooth and nail for information on most of the things I order and when it comes to smoking related stuff, customer service can almost ALWAYS be better.

    Humbolt Traders surprised me with their amazing service, their almost instant responses to email and their cheap prices on this wick that is so much better than a lighter (their prices for wick are $4.20). There's really no comparison. This stuff lets you taste the flavor of your weed almost the way a vaporizer does, its all organic, its made in California and imo, its better than a lighter, though one IS required to light the wick, obviously. I've noticed I can take much bigger hits than when I use a lighter, the taste is extremely better and my nose isn't clogged after smoking a lot anymore. Since I consider grasscity to be like a family to me, I thought I'd bring the knowledge of this product to you.

    Their site is FREE Hemp Wick Lighter Sample and FREE Shipping! « Hemp Wick Lighter – The Humboldt Wick

    Don't take my word for it. Ask for a free sample and decide for yourself. Peace.
  2. Hemp Wick sounds like a funny nickname
  3. Haha, yeah it does. Probably cause it rhymes with limp dick. If you got pissed and called someone a limp dick Hemp Wick bastard it would probably kill them. Don't think anyone has ever insulted anyone with that one before!:smoke:
  4. I was thinking more like a nerdy nick name lol.
  5. I don't like them, they burn too quick for me and make a weird smell... Also sometimes I use the lighter to snuff the bowl out if I'm smoking alone.
  6. Hemp Wick reminds me of a Harry Potter character
  7. Love hemp wick. Ever since my free sample I dont use butane on my weed anymore, smoking all day everyday I only go through like 8feet a week max. I like using the wick to torch bowls too since no more butane taste

  8. Me and you, in the playground, after school. You better be there Hemp Wick.

    it also sounds like an RPG town.
  9. I had ordered a free sample last week, got it within 3 days, and instantly fell in love. i can take bigger gravity hits now than i ever thought possible :) Just ordered a 10 footer :D This stuff is the shit, and i highly recommend it to anyone who smokes, and cares about flavor. also the use of a candle to light it is pretty convenient btw.
  10. Just sent em a message ive used It before but not for awhile, I need some more!
  11. Beat it Hemp Wick

  12. Well im sold. just sent in my email, hope it works!
  13. Just wanted to update a bit and let you guys know that I received my two 50 foot spindles of hemp wick in the mail today. Because there was a mixup with my order, I didn't pay a thing. I'm really happy to have this hemp wick because I've seriously noticed a difference when smoking. I can rip pieces that used to have me coughing and hacking up phlegm with no problem anymore. There was many a time I'd get a headache, sinus infection, or just feel sick from using those lighters. I never thought it could possibly be the lighter until I started using hemp wick, so thanks again humbolt-traders!

    I'm definitely going to keep my promise of promoting this stuff to my friends and family. I actually only had an inch of this stuff left a couple days ago and cut down my smoking, hoping to get my order in the mail so I can smoke again. Going back to lighters after using this stuff sucks serious bawls. Hemp Wick FTW!

  14. That is a hemp wick dispenser.
  15. Got my free wick the other day. Definitely a good find tho, makes my smoke taste more pure. Hemp Wick FTW :smoke:

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