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    Hemp wick dispenser(AKA The Glass Candle) . Snuff that wick with a pull of a pinky. If you know some who vapes just ask for the dropper . Wrap it from the top , create a lock loop feed slack through the tube enjoy.
    Hope this helps some folks out and or enjoys something different...This was inspired by the problem of extinguishing the Wick and excess smoke that comes off it ! (Materials Hemp Wick (thin is best) / 30 ml glass dropper,other sizes available in bigger bottles)(Know a friend using or thinking of using hemp wick shoot um a link to this site to spread the word ) Peace,Love, And Chicken Grease !!!
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  2. Damn hippies. (good idea though)
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  3. Haha thx, hope someone out there can make use of it !
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  4. IMG_1902.JPG
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  5. Plenty wick ^_- Awesome Enjoy . Any feed back is Greatly appreciated (they make longer tubes in the 120 ml bottles, this one is from a 30 ml bottle)
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  6. what is this ,, ? for what have you made that >?
  7. It is a hippie lighter /dispenser/snuffer ^_-
  8. Awesome dude.
    I was about to give away the 200ft roll of hemp wick I bought because it was so fucking annoying (and dangerous). The glass jar hemp holders I saw are too big, but this is perfect.

    Got some "stain droppers" from Amazon for about $4, and they work great with the 1mm hemp I have. (Twist the wick between your fingers to tighten the weave, and it feeds through extra easy.) Thicker wick wouldn't work with these.
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  9. Epic i still use mine , Throttle the string like a pro haha wont get stuck .I use 420 wick lately seems to burn cleaner get stuck less ... Sometimes burn out the end of the dispenser clean etc whatever suits you, the wax and soot can cause issues getting string back through the hole if use snuff mode (lol it's the button on bottom ).
  10. Usually I just wrap it around a lighter. Will those handle the thick or super thick hemp wick or will it not thread through? I don't like the thin compared to the thick.
  11. prob not but i have taken a torch to open up the hole on glass tubes b4 ...was just better use hemp that fit
  12. Damn thin just sucks though. Guess this 1 isn't for me.
  13. The ones I posted definitely won't work for thicker wick, but I'm sure there are "droppers" with bigger openings.
    If you're shopping on Amazon you can post a question on the products page, and either the supplier or someone who's purchased the item should be able to tell you how big the opening is.

    But if you're happy with wrapping it around a lighter then you're all set...For me, wrapping it around a lighter or just cutting off a length of wick, pissed me off incessantly to the point where I gave up even trying to use it. But that's likely due to circumstances.
    I'm usually smoking alone, so I can't hand it off to someone. And if I left it burning in an ash tray it inevitably would fall out of the ash tray.

    So for me, Jimmy's rig is just what I was looking for. Even if it's still burning I can just place it down in an ash tray and it won't go anywhere, or set anything else on fire. :thumbsup:
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