Hemp wick biofuel Zippo-style lighter

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by sinsemillaplease, May 26, 2010.

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    Sorry... AFAIK this doesn't yet exist... but why the fuck not? I just was thinking about why I was using a Bic when there was hemp wick not 2 feet in front of me... then it hit me. Couldn't someone design a Zippo-style lighter with a hemp wick and a reservoir of hemp-based biofuel? That would be the best way to smoke... hands down. PERIOD.

    Well... maybe not the absolute best... but who wouldn't like the novelty of smoking weed with weed. Shit... you could smoke a blunt rolled with large outdoor fan leaves and light it with a hemp wick biofuel lighter and call it a wrap. lol :D

  2. This is actually a really dope idea dude. One thing that I would worry about would be the hemp wick sticking out. Based on how my Beeline works, wouldn't it have to be replaced every time you light it?

    I think just wrapping my beeline around my bic will do for now. It's not like the butane is tampering with your precious ganj when you're using beeline anyway. :)
  3. Do what I do. Buy a your hemp line, wrap it around your bic, and enjoy

    ps: i dont have a pic but it really works and you just light the with the bic(easy since you can make the hemp line sit perfectly on the flame) and then light your bud
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    That's not a novel idea just so you know. ;) I think I first saw RadioFlyer doing it.. probably this time last year or a bit earlier.

    I don't like wrapping my lighter. Look at a ball of hemp wick on the shelf then look at your hemp wicked lighter. Notice the color difference? That's sebum, sweat, skin cells, dirt, ash and all kinds of other nastiness. I thought about that one day when I was really high and ever since I have avoided touching my wicks as much as possible.

    Now I cut a small piece to use for each day. :D

    Anyway.. the whole reason I was thinking about this was because I was thinking about some of my friends who refuse to use the wick. They don't like it either because they don't notice a difference (weak taste buds?) or they don't like the effort it takes to light the wick, use it, put it out and repeat.

    With a Zippo-style hemp lighter you would just strike it and close it. That's it. "It's simple as that for ya simple ass." - CuDi
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  6. sinse, you ruined beelin wrapped bic's for me...:(

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