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hemp wick as a relaxing alternative.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoner Guy, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I find it pleasant and relaxing when dry to smoke some hemp rope and it's so smooth.
    I usually roll the little wick bowl in grinder kief.

    Mmhm I'm weird indeed.
  2. My Beeline tastes fucking nasty when you put it out and it's still smoldering and you get a whiff of the smoke.
  3. That's what I was thinking. I couldn't imagine smoking it. It's hemp anyway, no thc.
  4. Didn't say it had thc unless you use kief with it. Also the tastes is great and that whiff is only bad cause it's traveling threw your nose and irritating it. I find it relaxing i doubt doing it on even a weekly basis. Just is neat.
  5. So your saying if I take a lil piece of hemp rope and put it in my bowl, it'll taste good? If you say so, I might try.. But I want someone else to try first :p Idk bout smoking beeswax.
  6. I used humboldt. It tastes like fresh water and a tinge of earthiness. No after taste.
    need a video? lol
  7. Oh, I have a different brand.. 'Original Hempwick' or something like that. Nope, not smoking it now :hello:
  8. I have beeline and it really does taste nasty, not sure if they use something different for that Humboldt stuff, been wanting to try it.
  9. Humboldt does not coat their rope in anything. It burns more quickly, though an increase in density likely makes up for this.

    All wax vapor tastes bad.
  10. Fuck. God. You may as well smoke a rope.
  11. It seems to be coated with something...
  12. If you don't approve don't troll. Organic hemp rope is you criticize something I've already done.

    and whats god got to do anything with it lmao.
  13. I just purchased some beeline and the humboldt wicks bring much more flavor and it doesnt taste like shit
  14. Hemp is made from the fiber in the stems. So you're smoking the stems, minus everything that makes it worth smoking in the first place. Soooooooo.... troll?
  15. Hemp Wick makes me think of Harry Potter lol
  16. blah lol...

    do it or not idc i did and thought maybe it was worth mentioning, obviously not.

  17. The real trolls are the cockfucks who go around calling everyone a troll.
  18. Can't everyone grab their bong and just get along. :eek:
  19. Idk, if it works for you man, then who am I to stop you? I for one just can't imagine it being very good for you.

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