Hemp Whick~Not Worth It

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    Hey GC,
    I've been using hemp whick for about a month on my bud, got myself caught up in thinking it's a lot better than a bic. I just ran out two days ago and went back to my lighter. Literally I found NO difference

    Idk why everyone boasts about this, it's just not worth it to me..

    So the point I'm trying to get to is, don't buy the hemp whick if u don't feel like wasting ur money.
    I mean I can rip off the end frill on my blanket and light it with that shit & it'd be no different
  2. It burns at a lower temperature so its not as harsh and it tastes like beeswax instead of butane.

    I only ever used it with my vaporgenie because the cooler temp was better for vaping than a lighter and was less likely to scorch.

    Otherwise its hakko 454 all the way.

  3. awww shyt.. u bout to get hella hate from the hemp wick users!

    but with that said..

    ive actually acquired some samples..

    with that said..

    im with you bruh.

    i couldnt find n e difference at all..

    ill stick to my bic.. i just dont find n e difference..

    i am lookin into that herbiron thing tho..

    we shall see.

    this is just my personal experience. dont be hatin! lol
  4. Nothing better then my glass wand and torch
  5. Using lighter saves a looooot more money.

    Unless you get a good deal or buy online don't bother.

    I bought 3 ft for 5 bucks... lasted be 4 days. I coulda got 4 bics and have them last 5 weeks
  6. hemp wick is cool i gues but just too impractical for me. id rather use a bic, although the butane does leave an aftertaste for sure.

    for taste, my preferred method is my hakko presto. somteimes tho, when using the hakko, u have to press against the bud to get it lit, and if the bowl is almost done that can result in the hakko packing down the bowl too tight and restricting some airflow...in these situations a flame is a much better tool to burn ur bowls with. it just adds that butane flavor to it. this way the ash in the bowl stays loose and will easily pull through or u can easily blow it out.
  7. You're doing it wrong. You should be barely touching it if you are touching it at all.

    Ceramic Element > Flame. ALWAYS.
  8. I love my hemp wick. I notice a difference in taste with my glass spoon, and I get it for free so it's alllllll good.
  9. The i-tal hempwick makes it seem like I'm smoking a rope, hate that brand. The beeswax is not as smelly, and the taste definitely trumps regular BIC lighters in my opinion.

    I hardly ever use hemp wicks though. But in my experience, I can taste the difference.
  10. i love hemp wick,i notice a huge difference in taste and harshness.
    i still use lighters though just because of the convenience.but i dont fuck with bics,they don't last long at all and IMHO are kinda shitty.
    bics cost around 2.50 by me,and i go through a bic every 5 days.a djeep lighter is 2.38 by me with tax and lasts me a month+ and is adjustable.
  11. I'm gonna be buried with a thick spool of Bee-line when I die. I personally get headaches every time I use a lighter and the taste difference is huge.
  12. I noticed a slightly better taste but paying a couple bucks for taste isn't worth it to me though. I actually still have like 2 feet left of it and just stopped using it.
  13. If you're smoking some tasty herb, it's totally worth it. Nothing is worse than huffing butane fumes when you could be tasting something so sweet.
  14. I like how no one mentioned the health factor of wick.
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    My personal reason for being anti-blunt. I don't want my tasty bug getting drowned by some fake-ass grape tasting tobacco leaf.

    Glass wand+torch, and hemp-wick if that fails. All of my lighters are prepared with a bit of Humbolt Wick, just incase.
  16. I would actually like to know. In my previous post, I mentioned the i-tal brand. This wick is super thick, seems almost twice as thick as beeline, and smells horrible when burned/put out. I bought a few ft of this brand and still have some left, couldn't bear the taste at all so I stopped using it.

    Whenever I have a book of beeline though it is a must that I light my bowl with it. :wave:
  17. People say i-tal is the worst brand of hempwick just fyi.
    The health factor is...butane is unhealthy....wick doesn't involve butane...
  18. wow, never really thought of beeline being exspensive... a spool can last me over 2 months, at $20. I probably spend that on bics since i loose them so frequently. Mainly i just use a candle to light my bline, also i can get a huge healthy flame with bline. A huge flame with butane is just straight nasty...


  19. Man, you got ripped off. I got 10 feet for 2 bucks
  20. Stay away from I-Tal. It blows.

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