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Hemp Tycoon

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Alex is awesome, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Well here go a good five or so hours of my life.
  2. I can't figure this game out man.
  3. it takes so long to grow the high end hemp
  4. haha im playin it right now.
  5. Just starting playing, thanks for the link. Been waiting for a game like this for a while.
  6. I love this game way too much:eek:

    I spend most of my time at my job playing this game, and sadly I've yet to get bored with it. Plus, setting a plant up for 12-24 hours and coming it back to it the next day is a pretty nice convenience.

    Funny enough, my boss (who is a cannabis connoisseur) is in love with this game, just because his passion for growing weed can be transferred into a much simpler, humorous Flash game. We actually had a fifteen minute conversation over the game and some strategies we've come up with last night:cool:
  7. God I must be the only person in the world who can't
    figure this game out, I want to, I'm gonna go try right now.

  8. What can't you figure out? If you've played FarmVille or any game similar in scope to Farmville, it runs along the same notion.

    You've got some cash to start off your grow, so you start off buying some low level hemp. As you grow your hemp and gain some cash, you can buy bigger, more exotic plants. Your grow area is relatively small in the attic and it'll take you a while before you get to level 5 and planting out in the backyard, but once you get back there, it's smooth sailing from then on.

    It's just a matter of budgeting what crops you're going to plant, projecting how much money your upcoming harvest will generate, and then feng shui-ing your garden with little accessories that will help speed up growth, deter withering, add XP, grow more hemp, etc...
  9. Hahah

    well the first time I ever tried it I was so confused why the fuck the
    plants didn't pop up, well they need time to grow, I just didn't think
    you had to wait with a game. Couldn't figure out the buttons and why
    I couldn't click on what I wanted, it was an ordeal.

    And I've never played Farmville....

    I'm playing Hemp Tycoon now.
    It's pretty damn addicting. Only Level 4 atm.

  10. Yeah, patience is the main goal of the game it seems:laughing: Those who cannot wait five minutes for a plant to pop up need not apply.

    It is a very addicting game. Almost as addicting as Robot Unicorn Attack.
  11. Ha right now I have my lawn sewn with 6 alien and there are 6 garden gnomes in place! No I just got to go pick up a sack and harvest!
  12. I need 3 moar friends for that one stupid quest >:|

  13. So you want to grow your hemp faster, eh? Ill teach you how. Its this neat secret i found out inside the game, It perfect making some quality buds grow in the blink of an eye, or should i say click of a mouse.

    First, plant your little seed just right in the ground.

    Second, Change the time on your computer, for quality buds it works by changing the days.

    Third, Enjoy your money, hemp, and large plantation.
    Change day to 4/20 and smoke while your at it.:smoke:
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