Hemp Protein Powder

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    Many of us have a hard time consuming an adequate amount of protein each day, in which case we revert to protein shakes.

    Well here is a solution which contains only PLANT protein, which is easier on the digestive system, AND provides more plant protein than most people get in a week these days..EDIT:1 serving=11grams plant protein


    there are many other sites you can purchase from but heres the most popular one^

    If you think about it, our ancestors used to consume lots of bark, roots, and other plant matter that tend to be one of the only foods available in winter months. We simply don't get enough plant protein in our diets, but this should help!

    I figure if more people start ACTIVELY supporting hemp products, (hemp seed, hemp clothing, etc) the general public will be forced into an epiphany regarding the cannabis plants many uses!!

    So go stock up people!!!
  2. to be honest, protein supplement is one of the few things hemp is not good for
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    Not if you were going to eat raw hemp, but the protein powder is an extraction, 1oz=11grams of protein.

    Which is really good, especially considering its plant protein, you should read up on it.
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  5. whey is 1000000x better
  6. dont get me wrong, hemp is amazing for all kinds of stuff. and it is good for protein, its just that there are better options, like whey. idk about soy tho. id be willing to bet hemp has one up on soy.

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