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Hemp Oil/rso Questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sacerdotal, May 27, 2013.

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    I really wanna make some RSO so I have  a few Qs. Has anyone made it with medium-quality weed and did it help/cure a disease? I know some guys from the country that sell good medium-qulity bud for $2.75/g for 200grams ( I live in Bulgaria) and it might drop to $2/g for 400-500grams. These are just buds I guess. If I make the RSO can I include leaves and other things? If yes, then I can tell the dealers to add those things and it might lower the price for a gram. Is that correct? The dank stuff I can find in my town, the capital, is way too expensive. It's $15 a gram for 1 gram and it can go as low as $7 a gram for 400-500grams which is $3500 ( WAY TOO MUCH!).
    I am also a little bit afraid of getting caught with that much weed, cause I will face jail for like at least 5 years and my ass will get raped a lot. How do all of you who have taken it deal with this issue. What secret strategies do you use to buy and store that much weed..?

  2. Never heard of RSO and I thought I knew about every kind of hash out there!
    could you maybe be referring to QWISO aka ISO? if so; then yes i have made it with medium quality weed. the quality of your hash depends on what you put in, so medium quality weed = medium quality hash.
    also the lower quality the weed the lower the yield.

    as for carrying large amounts of weed, just use common sense man, if it feels sketchy don't do it, but if you're chill and your connects are chill then there should be no issues. just drive extremely carefully if you have to transport it that way. I recommend the weed be in a backpack in your trunk.
  3. ^ I believe he is referring to Rick Simpson's Oil. The cancer-fighting medicine. 
  4. yep
  5. hit up one of the the medical sections then man; this part of the forum is for questions related to smoking marijuana; you'd find a lot more help over there

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