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Hemp Oil (Rick Simpsons) Extracted Through Olive Oil (Totally Safe)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sacerdotal, May 20, 2013.

  1. So this is how it is done:

    I have this TERRIBLE Candida Albicans in and around my lungs and I can barely breath. It has been 3 months now and my life sucks black dicks. I am very depressed cause I was sick the whole past year. I thought back then that my life was shitty but now I am like half-disabled.
    Can anyone testify to Hemp Oil's effectiveness in treating Candida? Has anyone tried this Olive Oil extraction to make Rick Simson's Oil?
    In making RS's Hemp Oil can I use the leafs? I mean, are they going to help too. Cause it would be cheaper if I tell my man to give me bud that has leafs as they usually trim it off before selling, at least most of it. 

  2.   For your reference, Google Dr. Tullio Simoncini.  It's heavy on the tecno-jargon but is very interesting.
    Cannabis is an antibacterial,so candida should respond well.
    You can use the entire plant. There are fewer cannabinoids in leaves and stems but they are still there. Try a bud only batch and a trim batch and compare. But really, now is not the time to be pinching pennies. Use the best stuff internally and the second rate stuff topically or in edibles.
    Hope this helps.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your condition, and in the lungs, that sounds terrible! If I remember correctly Diane uses a lot of the older, and less effective methods for making canna oil including (for the vast majority of patients) less effective oil sources, such as olive oil (also often involving solvent-diluting water in her extractions! :eek: ).
     If you haven't seen much of Rick's (or my) work already, please check out 'the big day', 4/20 (Day 5) of the 2013 Cannabis World Summit for a recap on his information; Rick and I were the headlining speakers for this year's world Summit, if you're looking for a food-grade, oil based solvent for extraction with improved absorption, and especially if you require specific effects from your medicine, be sure you watch Vol. 1 & Vol. 4 of my presentation on producing decarboxylated, or active, and bioavailable medical grade cannabis oil. Vol. 5 is a topical pain and cancer treating tutorial, which you may also find useful!
     This is the Summit page, just click on 'Day 5 / April 20th': Enter the 2013 CannabisWorldSummit!
     The first is a preview vid for my 5 vol. Summit series, and the second vid is the complete Vol. 4 video on making oil, to get you started. I'm sharing Vol 4, since I'm not sure if you want the strong sensations that come along with decarboxylation, which is Vol. 1 (with the update I don't think we're allowed to link more than two vids per post just yet, but I think you'll be able to find the rest pretty easily :p  Activation, or decarboxylation, is the step responsible for the strong sensations that many patients and most recreational users seek, it creates THC, from THCA, CBN, from CBNA and so on.. I like a good strong oil, myself! But you can also extract and make cannabinoids bioavailable, while encouraging little to no decarboxylation, so that you can benefit medicinally from your cannabinoids, without so many of those 'pesky' recreational side-effects. Carboxyl-group attached cannabinoids, or those that have not undergone decarboxylation, are virtually just as medicinally powerful, perhaps a little more in some ways and a little less in others, concerning serious pain or sedation-needs for instance, as their decarboxylated counterparts.  :D ):


    ( If you go the the 'Incredible Edible' section of the GC forums, then check out the CannaPharm pinned thread, up towards the top, you can perform a search within that thread to find the photo-tutorial versions of the recipes, if your internet speed makes watching the videos difficult for you. :) )
      And if you haven't already thought to try this, I'd also strongly suggest that you try vaporizing alcohol-extracted cannabis concentrates, or hash oil (not made with cooking oil!!).. .
     Most of the over 120 terpenes, and the over 80 known terpenoids and cannabinoids in cannabis, if preserved, have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, particularly once they have been concentrated... it's one of the reasons that healthy, and especially strong-smelling, resin-dripping cannabis plants are also more fungus/mildew/mold resistant, and why they don't succumb to infection as easily, when compared to weaker varieties, and poorly tended plants with a lower resin output, where many of the same terpenes and terpenoids are also responsible for the various odors produced by our plants.
     And I'd recommend extracting with alcohol rather than making a simple dry sift, because it will sanitize the material as well as concentrating it.
     In concentrated form it will be, in small doses anyhow, much easier on your lungs than combusting or even vaporizing pure flowers with their additional, natural impurities, but in your condition, you'll also have the added benefit and security with an alcohol extract and clean tools/storage, of knowing that you've reduced the odds of any more foreign contaminants entering your airways while vaping.
       But with that said, anything foreign introduced into your lungs when you're already a bit weak in that area, even if it's meant to help, like a pure and clean cannabis concentrate, may not always be well received by your body.
      So start slowly, and if it doesn't seem to be helping after a day or so, or if you even feel worse, you should stop vaping, and you can always take that concentrate, decarboxylate or activate it if desired, and combine it with a small amount of coconut oil or clarified butter (just as directed in the Vol 4 tutorial), and voila; you'll have bioavailable (readily absorbed!) edible oil. :)
     Hope this helps! :)
  4. Thanks a lot, BadKitty ;). I like your style. Can you (or anyone else) give me a good recipe to make cannaoil with coconut oil (I love it and it helps with candida a lot!) on an oven rather than in a stove? My stove is too damn strong and uncontrollable. Everything burns so I can't risk expensive weed going to waste. So basically I put the coconut oil in a pot, the pot is on the oven, and I wait for it to become liquid. The coconut oil has to cover the herb. That's what I know. I checked your CannaPharm thread and it is great but I didn't see instructions for cannaoil using coconut oil on an oven. I want to be able to mix the material while it is heated to make sure it doesn't burn. I guess some of the goodies with evapourate but it is still gonna make me high, right? I have never gotten high through edibles. Tried em 3-4 times and nothing so I am going to use gelatin caps and I hope coconut oil helps with the bioavailability. I also need to know how much  worth of weeb I should eat if I use gelatin caps cause my breathing is such that I shouldn't have a racing heart cause it fucks my breathing. Something like that... I know a gram would be A LOOOT. What about half a gram? Maybe I should try 1/3 gram the first time and see how my breathing reacts and then try 1/2 (the next day) and then more if 1/2 is too little..?
  5. I saw the decarboxylation part in the world summit video series. Great info. One thing I don't get. So I put a pot with water in it and another pot in the larger one so it floats in water kinda (or is above it, doesn't matter). I put a cooking bag with the weed in it inside the dry pot (smaller one). In the video there were drops on the outside and you said it was because the bag was floating in boiling water. Am I wrongly interpreting it. The bag should be in the smaller pot which has no water in it, right?
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      Hi again, I definitely understand the confusion on where that bag goes  :p
     It's not your oversight at all, it's an editing mix-up we noticed ourselves after watching the vids with 'fresh minds' a few days after the Summit, once the deadline worries and stress had started to fade, lol. It's completely our fault and an oversight due in part to the quick editing we needed to do so close to the 20th, to get the footage out in time for the Summit. :eek:   If you listen and watch the text, it explains where the bag goes, but the footage for that scene ended up left out. It's cleared up again during Vol 4. the Oil segment, when both the dialogue and text explain, and the footage actually shows what's happening to the bag in the pot. :)
      But to quickly clear it up here; a normal double boiler is usually two pots, but in the tutorial for the decarb and oil, I shared how you could instead use just one larger base pot, along with a more easily air-proofed oven bag as the smaller pot, in other words, the bag is used in place of it! And that's where the larger water droplets on the outside of the bag come from :yay:
     So (as you saw in the Vol 4. video on producing the oil, that I provided you above!) you have one large pot, with your heated water, and your slightly deflated bag with a knot, that floats inside while held firmly in place with a dowel, wooden spoon, or any other suitable kitchen utensil of your choosing. :)
     (** As for the hasty editing, I had a sudden personal emergency even aside from the Boston marathon tragedy, right before the release of the Summit, during the last days of my 'hell week' working on the final stages of editing, and we did have to cut the footage shorter and more hastily than I'd have liked to, in order get everything in on time.
     The producer of the Summit is a complete sweetheart and when I let him know what was happening in more detail he was completely understanding, and he actually expected that I'd be pulling out and was really comforting about it.... what he didn't realize is that I'm used to working under pressure! :p  In my own head there was a TON of pressure to go through with completing the project in spite of the emergency that came up, where I was one of the (or maybe the?) only Summit speakers slated to produce any video footage specifically for the event! Most of the presentations this year were audio interviews along with several wonderful documentaries that had been filmed for prior purposes. I don't think I even replied to him again until I surprised him a day or so later, with a 5 minute preview video completed, and the first three Summit videos just about ready to air for the following day or so, for the big 4/20. :) After it was all said and done, and we managed to get all the segments done just in time (albeit a little late for the last few, that were included as bonuses during the Summit's grand finale :p ), even I was surprised to see we had enough time to edit the presentation over 70 minutes!
      But we really did need to cut it short, and there are literally hours of useable footage, between grow room footage, and different recipes, plus snippits of the oil tutorials that we didn't get to include in time for the Summit. Some we're saving for the DVD, some we're releasing on Youtube :) One scene in particular is exactly the one you'd have liked to have seen during the first portion, that we just didn't edit in because we were working on all the footage all at once, figuring out what to use, what needed to stay, what had to go, and it wasn't until right up to the day of the Summit that I'd decided in what order, and how we'd even be releasing them... turns out, it was based on which Volumes were most complete!
     So in the end, we forgot to add just a brief, but necessary shot of the bag floating in the water, that we DID include in the Vol. 4, the Oil portion of the tutorial... we had it in the Oil segment, and we'd (we = my good editor-helper friend and I on a slow, 8yr old laptop!) watched and re-watched all the footage so many times those last few days..... but that one, little scene, just got by us during the Vol 1. Decarb video. :eek: )
    Anyways, back on topic :D
      For photo tutorials, if you go to the CannaPharm just use the search feature to look for 'Canna Oil', the search feature works inside whatever thread or section of the forum you're currently in, for instance if you used it here and searched for 'decarboxylation', it would direct you to our posts :)  Searching for canna oil in the CannaPharm will bring up several (probably many!) posts, but one of the first of which should be the full tutorial for Canna Oil tutorial using the oven. For convenience I also recently re-posted the concentrate tutorial with more information on using time or the length of heat processing to control the effects provided by your edible oil... it's still very much strain dependent, but you can have some control between cerebral and sedation, much more than you normally have by smoking. Edibles can provide a wide range of effects based on how you process them :)
     There was a 'Table of Contents' with links to the individual recipes, but it the post-linking system is different now so I need to do the whole thing over. Once that's done the recipes will be easier to find again, until then the search will have to do :)
     If you haven't yet, be sure that you watch Vol 4. on producing the Canna Oil and read the text during the presentation, it should be able to answer all your questions, and it shows more footage of the oven bag double-boiling method on the stove top. :)
     Sorry again for any confusion, and the overly-lengthy reply! ^_^ Between the busy days here locally and winding down from the last few weeks, and then learning a new layout with the GC update, I still feel a little out of sorts! :p
  7. Thanks for the clarifications. I now get the whole decarbing process.
    About the cannaoil: what I meant was that I want a recipe that doesn't require putting the cannaoil inside the oven/stove. In my previous post I used the word "oven" instead of "hot-plate" (the thing on top of an oven/stove) . I read your posts in the cannapharm thread and you talk about recipes where u put the cannaoil inside the stove and my stove is too crazy and burns everything... So can you tell me if the following process will work:
    I decarboxylate my weed the way you have shown in a bag floating in water. Then, I put the decarboxylated weed in a pot and mix with coconut oil and perform Hashmouf's recipe - the one that he lets the weed and oil/butter simmer for 5-10 mins, freezes and unfreezes it and strains it. In his recipe he doesn't decarboxylate it prior to mixing it with oil so I guess by adding this decarboxylating process of yours before doing his recipe will result in a better activated cannaoil? By doing his recipe I will be able to mix and look at the mixture and prevent it from getting burned. And it is a very quick and easy process. After I have strained the cannaoil I will put it in gelatin caps. Do you think this will work? I am a ZERO at cooking so this looks very easy and doable to me. I have already blown up my kitchen once so I think the mixture between your decarboxylating and Hashmouf's recipe is easy enough for me to not blow myself up and get good cannaoil that will get me high for the first time (from an edible) :) .
  8. I think even better than hemp oil is actually Coconut oil. It really beats the hell out of candida. You have to start slowely with a couple tablespoons because a few days later you will have a die off reaction that will bog you down a bit. Drink lots and lots of water, preferably distilled or unchlorinated water or spring water. Avoid tap at all costs. This post is old I know, but if you still happen to be suffering check out coconut oil. And also try something called the GAPS diet. You need to completely heal your intestinal wall for your immune system to kick in.
    Anymore questions, Facebook is Meir Fox with the native american picture, just add me!
    Best of healing!

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