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  1. I kinda started a plant on accident i jus tossed some seeds in a pot then a few months later I planted some regular flowers and got a sprout. I had like 3 nodes on it when i found it so i trans planted it to it's own pot the stem is nice and strong and now had like 5 nodes on it. But the bottom leaves are turnin yellow and fallin off i put some plant food in with it when i transplanted wtf am i doin wrong? oh i also brought it inside it was outside when i found it...I'm tryin to get a pic...thanks for any insight!
  2. The cotyledons always shrivel up, if thats what is browning and dieng.

    Otherwise, it could be alot of problems. It could be transplant shock. What kind of plant food are you giving it?
    Is it under any lighting?
  3. ok i finally remembered how to save the snap shots from my cam....so here are 2 views of my baby.

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  4. other view...this is my first plant has been 2 weeks since transplant i jus been usin plant food spikes and not sure how much to water been jus tryin to keep slightly moist...should i give more water? also now have under and indoor hal light think its like 60 or somethin. how long do i wait before i trim it on top? the stem is pretty strong but seems like a very small plant compared to some others ive viewed on here @ the age of mine.... any advice for me? pleeeez! we're gunna transfer to a 5 gal bucket but not sure how long we should wait to do this.

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  5. no halogen lights..those do not help your plant grow at all...
    that is probably your problem, your plant isn't getting enough light, you need a HID type of lighting, which is HPS, MH, and Flouros.

    Your doing fine on watering, all you need to do it make sure its moist, dont drown it. remember, its alot more common for someone to over-water plant then to under-water it.

    I suggest you go out and get 3 or so cheap 50watt fluros asap, if your plant is to survive.
  6. ok i have a few 60 watt gas lights will those work? theyre like the coil looking bulbs?
  7. nope, only the ones I mentioned above.
  8. thanks~ hafta get some then :smoking:

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  9. that little plants in a huge pot by the look of it, i doubt it will need feeding for ages. if u feed to early then its gonna take ages to get a good root system going and tho u mite get a groth spurt now ur'll pay 4 it later, and later when the plants in flower is when u need it to b growing well.
  10. thx fer da info.... so how big should it be b4 i put it in a 5gallon bucket? coz we were gunna do that and set up light system in another not so obvious room :smoke:

  11. u can start seeds in a 5gal bucket if u want. pots can never b to big only to small. if ur gonig to transplant a plant to another pot then just wait till ur plant has grown a nice rootball then pot it up. plz note tho every time u repot a plant u lose a few days groth at least, repot as little as poss, if u can start ur seeds in the pot ur gonna flower them in then thats gr8!
  12. got some compact fluros yesterday ope these will be good also put some foil up round the plant it has like 7 sets of leaves now so i put a fert stick in there couldnt find 10-6-10 so i used 6-12-6...hope this will work for my first grow im just excited it is finally gettin there cant put it outside has rained for like 10 days straight in this shitty humid climate...so doin what i can for now!! open for ne more help tho!!
  13. wot whatt r the fluros?

    dull side of the foil to the plants so no hot spots.

    iv heard sum real horror storys about fert stix and young plants, they can burn the roots. dont know much else about them as iv never wanted to use them. i do know that u need a feed with more N than wot then stix r giving u, make the 1st number higher.

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