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Hemp Honey Liquid 150 mg ^CBD.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MistahWho, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. I live in a non-legal cannabis state. I stumbled across this product and ordered it yesterday. It is for vaping  but can also be used orally. Has anyone used this product? What should I expect?
    I plan on using it for my PTSD.

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    ive tried thc liquid before but not cbd
  3. Update:
    Smells amazing, has a cannabis taste and the flavoring is great! The CBD really gives me a mellow type of attitude. I'm going to purchase more soon.
  4. Any hint as to where you found that?
  5. How much did it cost

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  6. Where can i order? Do they ship international?
  7. Guys come on stop being lazy. I literally did a Google search of its name and found its site. Simple as that. Lol

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  8. Cbd is legal right?
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    No it is not, cannabinoids are all illegal. Regardless if it's thc or any other in the eyes of the law. Most likely this product has some non psychoactive HEMP based oil an there misrepresenting it.

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  11. On what point? Federally still illegal and you won't e covered in court. And from looking at its ingredients it's not psychoactive. Where am I wrong?

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  12. I highly doubt a company ships psychoactive ingredients for any type of currency, these guys would be shut down a long time ago.
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    CBD is non-psychoactive is your head like in outer space right now or something?
  14. But it's still against federal law, so unless your in one of our med sates they can't ship to you. Even then their facing charges of caught.

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    everyone knows an industrial no thc hemp seed looks exactly the same as the strongest dankest cannabis plant seed with the highest thc possible- no difference. how will anyone know what is in theses oils without proper testing equipment on the fly. sure labs exist to test but where are they and how do they help overall for everyone at this point in regards to moving this oil through the postal service?
    posting this for reference-

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    no, op said he feels different. This stuff is either illegal or contains no cannabinoids whatsoever, either of which make no sense because of ops review. Is ops head in outer space? Because im pretty sure non psychoactive compounds wouldn't change ops mindset to "more mellow". Muscle relaxing cbds shouldn't even do that.

    If you're so positive that you're right can you explain why it isn't illegal to ship an important compound to the cannabis plant? Is your head like in outer space?
  17. wtf is wrong with you people?
    First off, CBD is NOT non-psychoactive. That concept is a misnomer. It's just a different type of psychoactive than THC is and more like Xanax is. There is a change in your mental state, therefore it is psychoactive. Ask any cannascientist. 
    Hemp, while made legal to buy from other countries and sell here, is only legal because of the very low amounts of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, and they had to work their butts off to prove that. Currently, hemp can only be grown in certain states, and mostly be research facilities, and even then there are troubles.
    This stuff is industrial waste that they buy, which is more concentrated in cannabinoid content than regular hemp, but is still low in total cannabinoid content (the actual part of the plant that is illegal after they made hemp legal for distribution)
    The worst part is that they don't tell you what the rest of it is, they don't provide independent testing (if they provide any at all it is almost always a company owned lab) and they charge ridiculous prices. 
    Technically, the feds can shut these ops down at any time, and the ones making the most money will be. 
  18. The CBD in these e-liquid refers CANNABIDIOL not cannabinol! Cannbidiol is NOT psychoactive.
  19. talking to me? Yeah, that's why I said CBD, not CBN. Go figure. STILL psychoactive. Will it make you hallucinate like THC? NO! But does it cross the brain barrier and affect the central nervous system? Hell fuckin yeah it does. That makes it psychoactive, and the sooner people accept that concept, the more prepared they'll be to actually make an honest assessment. 
  20. ....thc doesn't make you hallucinate
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