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  1. So I was sittin in my bed blazed looking around and seen a little small bottle of e-liquid that barely had anything left in it and was old , washed it out , filled it (it held quite a lot actually for its size if you take the time to fill it) I cut the pointy top with scissors to give it a bigger opening for the wick to come through but not big enough so it all don't come out , also have the cap to screw back on over it a swell ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391666823.186702.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391666852.735793.jpg

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  2. Smart stoner idea!

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  3. holy shit dude awesome, as I have so many 10ml and 30ml empty bottles im so doing that soon
  4. awesome idea.! I was just looking into buying one on amazon then i found a sample size bottle of dish detergent that i thought would be perfect.
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    i done the same with an old pop top medicine bottle pop a hole in it and done. usually i just wrap the wic around my bic and pull a tail to the flame. just light the bic the wics there and poof, cloud.
    or if you got 5 bucks
    buck more and you can spool the wic where its not seen


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