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  1. Hi so today I went to Micheal's Arts and Craft store to pick up some hemp cord, and they had a 400ft. one for $8. I went ahead and bought it and could not wait to get home. :)


    Anyways I went home unwrapped it and everything and went to smoke with it. I noticed that the flame will go out if you hold it sideways, so always have it facing down so that the flame will still be there. Other than that just toke up or light ure join how you normally would.


  2. damnn was less expensive than ordering the bee line stuff
  3. Thats because its not beeline its hemp cord. Beeline is hemp cord with a beeswax fuel to keep the flame from going out.
  4. Yeah... the wax is what makes it a burning whick and not a string on fire. Ever notice how after a candle burns, most the wax is gone?

  5. yeahh i know that bee line is a way better product, but hemp cord is not a bad substitute
  6. unless you're a slave to marketing
  7. just get some wax and rub it up and down the hemp. A softened candle should work fine. bees wax would be ideal.
  8. Yea all you need to do is just place the hemp cord in natural bees wax and it is the exact same thing.

  9. yeah true that.. save some cash for a little herb
  10. ^^^^because we all have bees wax just lying around....
  11. yeah, i've seen so many beeline commercials and ads :rolleyes:
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    I was not aware TV was the only form of marketing a product lol. I suggest looking up marketing to actually know what the term defines.

    Most marketing for counter culture stuff like this is done thru word of mouth, the internet, head shops, and conventions. I have never seen a RooR commercial, have you? But you sure as hell know what a RooR is.

    Point being if this hemp string works just as well, or hell even half as well it's a great idea.
  13. It works fine other than the fact that you have to hold it down but that's no a problem :wave:
  14. i'm lazy, i'll gladly pay more for the beeline(or ital)
  15. wait.... why not just use a candle?

  16. you just contradicted yourself. you said "...slaves to marketing". yet, you describe that knowledge of most counter culture products are spread through word of mouth. anyway, that's not the point, the point of my initial post was to question your idea of being a "slave to marketing" for purchasing/using/wanting a higher quality piece of string that i have never seen any type of ad for. i'd rather not argue about the rather complex marketing concepts that beeline may utilize.

    xxx163- that's a great idea to buy hemp cord from michaels. as long as you think it works well :hello:
  17. Would someone enlighten me as to why you prefer this burning cord to just a lighter or match? Something w/ wax would transfer a poor taste to the herb wouldn't it?:confused:
  18. Better than tasting/inhaling butane
  19. To contradict a point, there must be contradiction and there is none in this instance.


  20. You don't have a Bee farm for Honey and Wax? Get with the times man. It's 2009!

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