HEMP CON Coming To L.A Convention Center

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by weednotcrack, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. You lucky slut ! :D Wish they had a Texas seminar planned . :(
  2. :hello:If its anything like the Marijuana Expo last year, ya gotta go.
  3. So what exactly occurs at the expo's ? If its anything i could imagine im guessing its boths set-up ALL about cannabis/hemp ??? Fkn Sweet if it is ! :smoking:
  4. :)Yeah you pretty much got it. Booths with almost anything you could imagine and somethings you never thought of. Its a bit commercial but still a lot of fun and tons of people. It is exactly the positive kind of exposure we need right now.
  5. Alright! Hope to see some of you there. First time going but sounds really awesome.
  6. I think I might make the trip for this. Sounds fucken sweeeet!...anyone can get in?

    edit: never mind, I'm guessing only medical patients. Looks like I'll be making this trip alone :(

    but nonetheless! must go!
  7. :)Last years was open to anybody that bought a ticket.
  8. Yay! :hello:

    Road trip time! Now which city would be cheaper to stay at? L.A. or Frisco?
  9. probably frisco, los angeles is about to go bankrupt.
  10. will def be going, hopefully no one is gonna be stupid enough to smoke OUTSIDE of the convention.

  11. Haha yeah no kidding...
  12. Are you guys talking about getting stoned then going? Or smoking outside of the convention?
  13. :)I'm not saying its safe, probably not. But wow that parking structure sure smelled good both coming and leaving. Just use common since and stay safe.
  14. calm down peoples,if u can get high and go to the movies then you can get high and go to a Marijuana Convention :laughing:
  15. Hahaha I would like to think so :)
    Too bad the SF convention isn't till Aug! At least that gives me time to save! I might even get my medical card there :))))

    Who has theirs?
  16. What did you get it for? I really want it just for security and edibles :)

  17. i got it for my mild scoliosis,i should be getting a back brace soon. And it's good to be secured too :D

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