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    After finally watching the film "the union", i have found myself believing in cannibis as more than just a medicinal form. I was unaware of the possible effects it has on reducing green house gases, producing bio-fuels, clothing, paper, and thousands of other things.

    Now we all know that the ban on marijuana is complete and utter bullshit; but i think the ban of industrial hemp is even more asinine than the above.

    My question to the wise cannibus culture here on this forum is:

    Where do i stylish, hemp clothing. I'm 18, going on 19 and i really want to start wearing clothing made out of this fiber. The problem is, becuase it is not grown in the U.S. the price is rediculous. I found plain white T-shirts for 34 dollars. I want affordable, efficient, sylish clothing. Someone please send me in the right direction with any information they can provide.

    Keep Tokin'

  2. sad man...

    see ya :wave:

    before ya go, just google/ebay hemp clothing.

    i like bamboo/hemp clothes, real comfortable/durable.

    peace out... toke on :smoking:
  3. You mean your 18 going onto 19 correct?
    Since in all, you have to be eighteen to post in this forum! I bet it was a mistake, I'd edit.
  4. Yeah man I have some hemp adidias shoes, they are pretty damn tight
  5. if it was a mistake man, edit that shizzle like homeboy up there said.



    the hempest (where i get my stuff)

  6. pretty expensive?
  7. most hemp clothing will be more expensive than cotton, but well worth it.

    if youre lookin for plain Ts and shit, get a bamboo/soy/hemp shirt... sooooo comfortable.

    hempest has EVERYTHING
  8. They make some real good lotions out of hemp, too...only lotion I use in the summer after tanning

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