Hemp Clothing

Discussion in 'General' started by MackNW, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone got any? I ma keeping my eyes open for some. Hemp clothing is 10 times stronger than cotton which most are made from. What an amazing plant.:D
  2. I have a shirt that is died in hemp, thats it though.
  3. I have hemp Nikes.

  4. I think I seen those before they look ill:D
  5. shirt, yoga top, .... n i desperately wanna get more.

    some yoga pants. socks. a coat shoes n hat. n then i'll give all my other clothes to the homeless.

    edit- hemp nikes!!!!? fukn cool!
  6. I got hemp adidas shoes, and a hemp phish shirt. Honestly, the shirt is about 100X better than cotton. Super soft and comfortable, very warm in the winter but seems to breathe pretty well in summer.

  7. There was a thread just like this a little while ago, oh well.

    I've got hemp sandals, a hemp guitar strap, a hemp necklace, and a hemp sweater.

  8. yeah they are comfortable. i get a lot of compliments on em haha

  9. Ipath bigfoot jeans
    Ipath Watsons hemp/rasta
    Ipath track jacket
    and a pair of socks

  10. dude you only have 13 posts and i've seen "you need to spread your rep around some more before rep'ing stoneRR again" at least 3 times already!
  11. hemp is the future.

    theres nothing better than a pair of some well broken in hemp shoes.
  12. yep, google are answering my questions too. oh my nike have some nice hemp stuff. are the rest of the big companies catching on to hemp yet?

    wouldnt that be cool if they decided to go 100% hemp?

    !!!!! eeeeee! what an exciting idea. it would change our world. all nike products ... 100% hemp.

    oh my yes, let that be what they are thinking in the board room right now. make it so, oh make it so.

    i'd trade in a pair of well broken in hemp shoes for a well broken in feild of hemp. ;)

  13. those shoes are bad ass!
  14. Youre always one step ahead of the game lol. pure genious :cool:
  15. lol, i'm always getting complimented on them. glad everyone likes em so much. i'm deffinately going to invest in more hemp items, they are the best!!

    @Highbinder mydunksb.com carries a few of them. Nike only released 420 pairs on 4/20 lol, but it kinda sucks cause they are really nice shoes. that's why some sites were selling them for $245 a pair, fucking rediculous. however, i think the one's i bought are rip offs cause the hemp is rough around the edges, but they still rock. that would also explain why they were ony $70. yeah well, at least i can tell people they're legit

  16. Ah cheers. Might consider buyin em, don't usually like getting stuff from the US tho. Are they comfy?
  17. I'm pretty sure they are located in China, cause that's where they came from. they are kinda tight at first and need to be broken in, but otherwise they feel like your average pair of Nikes.
  18. hmm... seems my dad might b happy to pick up the tab for the new pc parts i need to buy... so... hmm.. should i use the money i had saved for a full Hemp outfit... so i can give away AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL ALL ALL ALL my other clothes away to charity, or better yet, all the folks i find along my walk who are homeless and in need. shit like that. :D

    so, the question i need to ask myself is.... do i want to wear underwear?


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