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Helps w Fans/Ventilation 4x4 tent 600hps

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by dagetti, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Hey all!

    Run down>>

    4x4 tent
    600hps - 6" cooltube
    4" vortex w/ 4" carbon filter
    2 6" osc fans etc
    speed control -- but its on full

    filter> ducting > cool tube > ducting > fan > ducting > window
    1 6" osc fan in the corner moving air
    1 6" fan pointing at the cooltube

    intake -- passive
    4" ducting from window
    flaps at bottom open

    temps are at 85
    RH drops to 30-40

    now im still vegging for the most part so im using cfls/t12s

    temps 76
    RH 50

    Now, the question.

    Should I add a 6" inline duct fan(plastic blades $40) JUST for the light (with sep ducting, pulls air from out of tent and vents out of tent) keeping my 4" vortex to scrub and pull air out


    Scrap the 4" vortex and just get a 6" vortex to do the whole job?

    Would a 6" vortex have enough power to pull/scrub/ and keep those temps down?

    Any advice/input welcomed and appreciated!

    thanks ahead of time [​IMG]

    Jet [​IMG]

    EDIT: im pretty sure im going to go with a 6" vortex or CAP (ebay).. but not sure if im goign to keep the 4" as well.. anywho, any thoughts :wave:
  2. Nice, thanks for the links BAGZ

    more than likely i'll be using both =]
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