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  1. Guys i really need your help!!! Ive put 2 seeds into water to germinate, but only 1 have sank, the other is still floating... What shall i do?? Do i have a time limit to take them out of the water once a seed have sank?? Cheers guys
  2. Don't let seeds sit in water 4 over 24 hrs.

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  3. I wouldn't leave them in there longer than 24 hours. Although I've left seeds in water for a week and they've done just fine. Just plant it into your medium.
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  4. First of all, thank you for your super fast responses. I only put the seeds in 1 hour ago, i tapped them both just now and only 1 sank, the other stayed floating. Shall I keep them both in the water until they've both sank, or should i take the one out that have sank and put it in a damp paper towel? Then do the same with other once that finally sinks?
  5. you risk drowning them like that..try the wet paper towel method instead OR just place the seed correctly (not upside down) directly into the medium. and water ..then be patient..if the seed was viable to begin with it will sprout...some in 24-48 hours ..some will take as.much as 2 patient...

    good luck good grows

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  6. I will try that on
    I will try that on my next crop...Thanks a lot! I just tapped the other seed and it went straight to the bottom! What now lol?
  7. take them both out and place them into your medium (not upside down)...they'll pop patient

    good.luck and good.grows....

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  8. Nothing is exact in this business. We are told to put seeds in water til they sink, but that's just to make sure they soak up enough water to better germinate. Almost sinking is probably good enough, and sometimes a gentle nudge will break the surface tension, and the seed will sink. Bottom line: I don't think it matters much what you do.
  9. Yeah wet paper towel is great. I use lightly wrapped foil around it to limit premature exposure

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  10. The idea of soaking seeds in a glass of water is to soak through their shell to the centre of the seed to kick start the germination process. Ive used it on hundreds of different seeds in the past and 99% of the time it'll improve germination if you plant that into a rockwool or rapid rooter or even directly into the medium itself. My point is though that their is science behind soaking a seed and of all the cannabis seeds I've grown not one has failed to germinate using that method

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  11. in too have used a few methods including soaking and we'll I got around 99 to 100 to i guess it depends on the viability of it. makes me remember once when i pulled over by police in Florida...and the thunderbird I had, leaked rain sometimes if the door wasn't shut....só...the cop tells me "did you know you were growing marijuana in your car sir" low and behold fuckin seeds had germinated in the damp carpet that was on the floor ....LOL ...I acted like I had no clue..but it was from cleaning weed and dropping seeds all over the floor....LOL the rule is if it's viable'll sprout kinda anywhere that's wet enough....even an 87 thunderbird on the

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