Helpppp plant died??

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  1. I have 3 auto bubba growimg in 75-81 degree temps depending on lights being on or off. Averaging 50% humidity. Its in soil. My biggest healthiest one literally just died? In less than 24 hours of perfect condition. The other two still look perfectly fine. I watered them yesterday morning and took photos right before bed last night. All was well when i woke up but when I got home from work it was just limp and lifeless!! Is there any way to save this auto?!?!?! First pic is of all of them last night, its the biggest one. Second photo is of the plant now 20190630_190739.jpg 156201728741838061723056958450.jpg 15620173086592404656735877133231.jpg
  2. If you've been watering/feeding, lights at same height as usual then that is weird. Do you have any pets? lol Or perhaps something accidentally fell and hit the plant on its way down? Either that or someone supercropped the heck out of her lol.
  3. I do have pets but i keep my babies in an enclosed space nothing could have fell besides the light and fans and they are all in place still. The leaves are all looking good besides two large ones are wilted. Do you think i can save it? Repot it? Idk
  4. This has literally been my healthiest plant
    Thriving every day. Never any problems... Then BOOM 8 hours and its like this... Wtf.
  5. Prop her up and water. She will knuckle up where she was pinched. You can pull her thru.
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  6. I'm checking the before and after pics of the affected plant and I can't seem to see any signs of over-watering, so I ruled that out. I don't see any signs of heat stress such as leaves cupping/tacoing, leaves turning away, discolorations, burnt tips, etc. You said there's no sign of anything that may have fallen on them. The only thing at this point I can think of is perhaps under-watering. How often do you water her and do you just water around the top of the plant or until runoff?
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  7. I see a few possible cat hairs. Don't put it past your pets to figure a way in.
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  8. I saw those hairs too. The plot thickens lol. Never underestimate the intelligence of your loving pets.
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  9. Until run off. They are in a closet and i keep the closet door closed. Its a heavy mirror sliding door so i dont see them opening it. Im worried it may actually be over watering only because the way the wilted leaves feel. They feel very moist. There was absolutely no discoloration, wilting, direction changes or anything last night or even this morning when i woke up. Looked perfectly healthy. This one has been thriving since germination being the first to sprout and first with leaves. The soil is still moist from yesterdays watering.
  10. I believe you have just answered your own question my friend. :)

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