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  1. [​IMG]

    Judging by this picture how much longer do you think it has to flower ?
  2. 2-4 weeks

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  3. At least 3 weeks. Probably 4. You'll be done before 5.

    Sativa? Indica?
  4. What lights are you using?
  5. How long has it been blooming for? At least 4 weeks for sure
  6. It’s Sativa
  7. I started flowering on March 30th I have terrible lights can’t afford new ones
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  8. Since the light are not strong it will take longer to flower. Wait another month and see how she looks
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  9. Then I'd actually say 4-5, maybe 6 weeks.
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  10. What's wrong with it

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  11. around here thats how it will look @ week 2. or i throw them into the trash really ! garbage . do you have more then a bedroom light about it ? 8 more weeks . then you can harvesting something off it lol
  12. Yeah I have way more light than that just took it out the closet to take a picture,
  13. The overall scrawniness, I suppose. Also, the way the leaves are all curled up and slumped over. I'm not an expert, so take my comments with a grain of salt. But my girls were way brighter and bushier by this point. Could just be genetics.

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