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  1. Hi I have on order some low ryder seeds I live in the north easy of England could I possibly start these seeds off at the start of September as they only take 8 weeks from seeds I will b starting off under lights to get a good start then putting them in a greenhouse.. Will they grow and will I get a successful harvest?? Please I don't want to waste my time I need some info.
  2. What is the weather like in the fall in England? I think to get good growth you might need to be inside with lights on full time. You are at latitude 50 degrees N. and being that far north I don't think the available natural sunlight will be enough, and I think the outside temps will be 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit to cold. The greenhouse will help, but additional lighting will really help.
  3. I was going to start them off under lights for 2-3 weeks to give them a head start and summer normally ends October time the autum follows ??
  4. I don't know about the weather in England, but I do know a thing or two about growing autos, and growing Easy Ryders. One thing I can tell you is that they like warmth. Not heat, but warmth. When I grow autos, I keep the temperature in my shed around 84 degrees from beginning to end for the best results. But if you're going to grow outdoors you won't be able to manipulate the temps. But if you're going to grow in a greenhouse, just keep one of those small, ceramic space heaters in there in case the temperature dips too low at night.
  5. Dude ive got a low Ryder growing right now that just starting flowering and its 80 days old .. So don't go off of what the seed bank says seriously .. Its a sales pitch .. So be patient

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