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  1. Need help guys
    I will start growing outdoors next week.
    I will be starting outdoors on a dome.
    Should I keep the seedlings for how long on the dome?
    I have been reading this:
    And there you can read:

    A #1 seed killer is a closed humidity dome/mini-greenhouse.
    Humidity domes are only required for rooting cuttings.
    I'm confused, i can only start outdoors, and i can't put a seedling just in the middle of the field, it can be bad, she needs to grow safe at least some sets of leafs, Any suggestion?
    anyway, here's the greenhouse im buying:

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    Yes man.
    This time i plan to spend more money on material and equipment instead of seeds.
    So far -> Greenhouse(need help decide if needed), fences,ferts, correct pots and maybe some neem just to prevent something)
    And by the way, the other grow i discovered that many of the plants who got root rot, was because of some fungus

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