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  1. I'm a few weeks into my first grow and my plants are all looking great except for one!! I read it could be a potassium deficiency..I originally though too close to the light but the others are doing just fine..any thoughts?

    The pictures arent that great I know,,Its kind of shriveling up at the ends and turning yellow...

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  2. Hmm I woulda thought light problems for sure from how its stretching but you say the others are fine, how much light do you have on it?
  3. soil looks extremely wet, was it just watered? does that soil get good drainage?

    That looks to me like it wasnt too close, but too far from your light. the reason plants stretch up like that is because they are not close enough to the light source.

    If possible ide try to find a way to bury that stem, and try keeping your lights closer. Good luck with your resurrection.
  4. Yeah I forgot to mention that the first week or so these guys were growing there was little to no light due to the HPS blowing out on me..They have a 150 watt HPS now...the rest of the plants started growing leaves beautifully..just this little guy kinda gave up almost...and the soil is just looks wet in the photo for some reason...
  5. The plant looks like its in really rough shape, so I will suggest that even though a transplant this early in the life of a plant is not a good idea, i think your should give it a try to a bigger pot, allowing you to bury that stem. This will 1. get rid of that long, weak stem. That isnt goign to be able to support anything. 2. By burying the stem you will encourage root growth to begin the whole length of the stem that you had just burried, again, helping your plant come back to life.

    Personally, I give my plants a good watering 3 hours before I transplant, I find it (with my soil mix anyway) thats the best / safest time to do so.

  6. Thanks man! I'll definitely give it a try...I'm damned if if I do, damned if I don't eh?
  7. oo ouch yea thats def why that plant is hurting and stretched, do what maine said and hopefully she'll be alright.

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