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helpp fast please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4smoke2daynite0, May 22, 2010.

  1. #1 4smoke2daynite0, May 22, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 22, 2010
    Hey guys im bringing 5g with me to a school dance. It might be me or im just paranoid about it, what should i do with it? My idea ( a bit gross) was to double bag it and put it between my dick and balls and then tape that shit toghether. Its a dance, they wouldnt bring dogs into it to search us would they? ahhh idk..My school has done it randomly before but never at a dance or event like thtat
  2. haha if you really wanna try taping something between your dick and your balls, go for sure they will not find it in a pat down
    i've brought weed/pipes through a police pat down for dances just by tucking it deep in my if your shoes are loose enough
    easier place to tape it, i would assume, would be by your ass crack...tape it at the top and then just get it between your cheeks for the pat down haha
    i cant imagine them bringing dogs, at least not around my parts...i guess it could be different where you live but you can probably figure it out

    btw...why do u need 5 gs to go into a dance??
    i'd be fine with having a few too many drinks before, maybe smoke a bit and slip a joint or something into the dance = great night
  3. Going to a friends after.. you know how that stuff is hah. but i dont want to put it in his car because if they did bring dogs. they would just sniff the cars and id be done. So i thought the safest way or not really. would be to tape those old time friends toghether lol and also administartion is on my classes ass for drugs and stuff because kids got caught smoking in the bathroom..
  4. Holy crap what the hell is wrong with this picture? What happened to HS dances? I was never patted down by cops or walked by drug dogs for any dances or events in highschool, that's nuts.
  5. haha yeah i guess
    but when they pat you down they are really looking for weapons, so even if they did pat the weed they'd probably think nothing of it, at least thats my opinion

    but yo are right, there is no harm in being too catious
  6. If your going to the dance messed up, don't bring it. If not, who cares.

  7. depending on how much its changed since you left hs, you would cry

  8. I know for sure that there is going to be a pocket check, this really chill teacher told my friends they were going too. But idk about doggies
  9. Last night we had a dance and the last half of it was full of orchestra music because apparently we were grinding too much..
  10. Hide the bud outside in a spot youll remember then go pick it up after the dance

  11. HAHAH, they wont even let us grind or theyll have periods everywhere. I wouldnt be supprised if mine did tht too

  12. IF i can hide it somewhere without looking suspicous, then sure that sounds great. but ill be sure to use my "well" thought out dick and balls method just incase..and extra tape due to size increase of my main vain. Grinding usually makes him happier than usual..

  13. LOL bad idea,,shit thats the only reason i go find stash's people have abandoned :p.

    dude just wear a pair of shoes that are a size or two bigger then what you normally wear..and ball it up in a sock and thrown it in front of your toes..dancing will be awkward tho..but at-least you will have a 5gs safe in yo shoe.
  14. You get hard while grinding? Thats weird..

  15. im just saying, you never know lol
  16. Put it up your ass, they'll never look there. Or swallow it in a sealed baggie then puke it up in the bathroom.

    OR just get high beforehand with your friends and leave that shit in your car.

    Don't tape weed to your balls dude. It's ridiculous and silly, and no one wants to smoke your taint weed.

  17. Haha alright man, just awkward for the girl if your poppin one while dancing with her
  18. i can just hear someone saying afterwards..

    "man this shit is hella dank..smells like straight butt and nutts.."

    everyone knows what type of smoker im talking about lolol.

  19. ....ummm
  20. testicle weed > rectum weed

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