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Helping the New Guy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vildner, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, I have a quick question...

    I work at a natural foods grocery store, and they just hired a couple of new guys. Everyone that works there is pretty much a big family, and most of us blaze.

    Well this guy started about a week ago, and he recently came up to me asking if I knew where to find some bud. I wasn't even completely sure what his name was yet. lol He seems to be the smoking type, but it seems he's been asking EVERYONE, seeming pretty desperate. Plus he asked one of my friends hes never met (not from work) to find bud while he was walking into some store.

    Not sure if I should help him out. I mean it sucks being dry, but is he acting a little sketchy? Would YOU help him out? Thanks for the input!

    P.S. I'm 19 and he's like mid 20's. I don't know if that matters...
  2. I wouldn't help him out.
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    it seems pretty sketch... i'd just get to know him better on other occasions you know what i mean... just be like i dono where to get it. then feel him out for a bit. then if he is cool be like actually man I GET THAT DANK! or if he ends up being a cop then ummm don't sell him drugs?

    and the reason i say this is cause i'm the type of person that DGAF and would try and buy a sack off a cop if someone told me he had dank. some people just don't believe that it should be so hidden and its already a mainstream activity... BONG RIPS FOR THE OLYMPICS
  4. well he's either

    1. a cool dude just tryin to find some bud
    2. a cop?

    highly unlikely but idk seems pretty sketch hes asking everyoneee when he doesnt know

    anyone..but then again maybe he's trying to make new friends?..get to know him then

    you decide which he is
  5. ha i actually know a guy like this who isnt a cop or anything, hes just ..... unique... well actually according to this post hes not but yuo get what i mean? anyways, i would check him out for sure, maybe talk to him about legalization or weed in general. if hes a cop he would have all kinds of BS answers which you could probably distinguish.
  6. Yeah, I'll probably hold off for a while and make sure he's legit. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just a paranoid mofo. lol I know I hate being dry and didn't want to hold out on this guy if I was looking at the situation wrong. Thanks!
  7. haha tell him you will see if anyone knows anything, and dont, and see if he starts asking mad questions... Stoners know those types of things are secret unless its a friendly basis...Cops dont...
  8. Well, I don't think he's a cop, just from that, but i'm not there to really be a good judge of character you need to be there. However that seems like pretty much the only way to get bud if he's new to the town and whatnot, and i'm sure he probably figures (whether or not it's true) that you all toke up, or at least are 420 friendly, considering it's a health food store. So, i'd probably say he's fine, but if he seems too suspicious for you, then maybe you should just avoid that. And if you decide to help him out, just to kind of see what's up, I would probably hang out and smoke with him, or split a joint at lunch, before I actually brought him over to my hookup's place. A cop would most likely turn down the joint being offered, even if he was just asking about weed, because they're NOT supposed to do drugs unless it endangers them or their identity to not do so. And that'd be a HUGE red flag if a dude was JUST asking me for bud and then said he didn't want none.
  9. If he WERE to be a cop, would he even be after someone who knows where it is and would get them a small bag? I thought they were know....the dealers? lol
  10. they use people like you to get to the dealers
  11. Well I figured, but I wasn't sure what they would do if they never knew who the dealer was. Whatever. lol Either way, not going to do it. Thanks again! :)
  12. I honestly wouldn't worry why not just offer to smoke him up one day after work go over to his place and don't let him throw in money so you can't get caught up for intent to deliver or any sort of distribution charge which i doubt will happen with just a personal amount..

    I've never really been in a position like that on his side of the story, but I have however been in your shoes and at the time I was moving a good amount of bud a week.. My manager of a new job seemed like a cool guy and he recently moved to Chicago from Detroit and really didn't have any hook ups and he was used to just copping off the random street dealer that he ran into that usually supplied him with very low quality bud.. I smoked him up once after work and from then on every week when we got paid I knew he would be copping at least a quarter.

    Bottom line i really wouldn't worry to much.. if he really wanted to get you in trouble I doubt he'd be looking for bud and not coke/heroin.. Like i said just offer to go home w. him after work check out his place see if it seems to be "stonerish" or ask him to bring a bowl or something..

  13. It doesn't make sense that a new employee (being only around for a week) is asking around for bud unless he doesn't care if he's fired. If I got a new job I wouldn't just trust everyone at work.

    Years ago I worked for a company where a group of us smoked. We invited another guy to join us after finding out he smokes too. He smoked WITH us then ratted us out, lol. Nothing happened luckily but that taught me to NEVER trust a co-worker again.
  14. Yeah it is pretty weird, but again it IS a natural foods co op. haha Its not exactly a secret. I'll just get to know him better. Chances are someone else will just hook him up anyway. lol And hopefully they'll be closer to his age because hooking up older people (especially strangers >_<) can sometimes be awkward...
  15. Chances are he's not a cop, just wants to fit in and be cool. I wouldn't hook him up until you know him, especially after he smokes YOU up. Sometimes us heads forget that it's still technically illegal and can cause big legal problems, and not everyone is cool about it.
  16. you could always tell him to try hitting up the local skatepark, that way you don't get involved, and if you hear about something bad happening at the skatepark you'll know if the guy is bad news or not.

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