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Helping the Beginners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by White Smoke, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Does anyone else like to just hang around the Apprentice Tokers section just to help the noobs out? It makes me feel good knowing that i helped a fellow stoner out today. :D
    Anyone else like to do this?

  2. This is a bit of a random thread but yea I guess. I don't see why anyone would say no.
  3. lol sorry for the random thread
  4. i come here to laugh at the threads
  5. haha
  6. Yeah, I love doing that, if I would have had some good pros instructing and helping me when I was younger... damn, heh.
  7. haha me too! The "Will Catnip Get Me High?" one was pretty good, i definitly had a good laught
  8. Sometimes to help, sometimes for the comic relief.
  9. I don't really hang out in any section...I always just hit 'quick links' and then 'todays posts' me

    But, I do like to give good advice when I can and I've actually helped a couple people who actually appreciated it and thanked me....that's when it really feels good :)

    If I don't have a bit of knowledge on the subject, I don't bother responding, and I try to keep my posts as positive ones...meaning, if I don't have something nice or productive to say, I try to just bite my tongue...

    Really gets on my nerves when people just post in threads to be smartasses, or when they act like they know everything there is to know about drugs, when they don't know diddly telling someone to take a handful of 4 mg vicodens when there's no such thing as a 4 mg vic :rolleyes:
  10. I enjoy doing this too.
  11. Yes i feel the same way, I come to help the noobs out and try to give them solid advice. I wish this fourm was out when i started smoking. Some of the threads are funny questions that i remember trying to find the answer to when i first started to smoke. Although i do get annoyed often here because some of the people who respond to a thread really don't know what they are talking about. I think you should have a min of 5 years of daily smoking before your allowed to answer questions.

  12. This ^^^
  13. i spend most of my time on the apprentice tokers forum because it is just overall more entertaining

    i like helping people out when i can too, who doesnt?
  14. Def. agree nice post.

  15. lol i do this too
  16. I've been smoking for almost ten years now so i'm definietely a seasoned veteran. But most of my posts so far have been in this section, i just enjoy giving advice to the youngins because i have been through a lot during my smoking career.... and if i can help new smokers avoid making the same mistakes i did, i will.
  17. Yeah knowledge is meant to be shared.
  18. well put.

  19. Remember that you once were a noob yourself. People are not just born with the knowledge of how to use cannabis. They must acquire the knowledge from knowledgable sources, such as the Aprentice Tokers section on GC.

    :cool:Cojelo Suave:cool:
  20. Much appreciation to seasoned vets like u. I am a novice smoker myself and i really love all the knowledge on GC that is given out from experienced smokers like yourself.:smoking:

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