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Helping out a newbie.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickM420, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. So I'm going to get this girl high. She has never smoked before and wants to. I want to know what I should do as far as
    Smoking tool:
    I have papers currently, but I could borrow my friends pipe or make a ghetto bong :bongin:
    I have quite a few songs, but list some that you think would be cool.
    I am not quite sure where to go. We could do it in my room, my buddies house, there is an awesome private river right by my house that is very secluded and gives a nice view too.
    And any suggestions for munchies? xD
    I'm already getting weed from a friend.
    Thanks for your help. :D
  2. #2 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, Jan 15, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2010
    Bong or bubbler, EXPLAIN WITH DETAIL HOW TO USE. Rule #1= NEVER blow into thr bong. If you have to cough take your mouth off of it.

    Make sure she has had something light to eat prior, and that she has some cold water around at all times. Put on some Bob Marley or some music she likes you think is mellow and chill. Dont eat junk food for munchies, go and get piza(not en entirre pie!) or something not total crap. Smoke in a place where theres NO chance of getting caught, make sure you tell her this before anything goes down.

    Let her take a couple of small hits(explain in detail how to inhale and NOT swallow smoke) and then wiat 20-30 minutes beore she smokes anymore. A hit or two shoudl be enought for her if she inhales properly.

    Possibly watch The Union with her beforehand, so she doesnt get too paranoid or think shes going to die just because she feels really high.
  3. Thanks, ill try to trick out a bong or steal my sisters bubbler. :D
    >.> wish somebody would have told me about blowing into the bong. My first time smoking, I coughed into my bong and bam! Hot weed was all over my pants. :smoke:

    Everything sounds good. I was planning on bob marley for sure and some bone thugs n harmony and such.
  4. Pipe or joint would be the best tool for a noobie. Don't use some home made bong she will think you are a crack head
  5. True, peter. how many reg sized joints should I use? I don't want to be forcing it.
  6. yea I woudlnt reccomend home made bullshit. Glass only, if a nice glass pipe is all you have, that will do. But I reccomend a small glass bubbler or short bong since they will be less hot.

    For joints, let her get at least 3 good pulls, make sure she doesnt hold in smoke for longer then 5 seconds. Then wait a while like I said so she can let herself adjust to the feeling, smoking too much to be comfortable is WAY WAY WAY too easy with first timers and very new smokers.
  7. Roll a j, play some sublime or a nice Charles Goudon oratorio if you wanna look classy, and just chief it down with her and chill. Rivers are always nice. Smoking weed should be complementing your activity, not being the basis around which your activity is formed. Unless you wanna smoke nonstop all day, but thats a thousand dollar proposition

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