Helping long term viability of 20g to-till?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've read guys saying they can only get 3 or so runs out of 20g pots before its pure castings and perlite. They reuse that good stuff elsewhere and remix from scratch.

    I want to avoid this at all costs. Bring in bags of fresh peat etc every few rounds would kill alot of the attraction to no-till in the first place. Up to now I've just been adding leaf litter from a local woods as mulch. Now there's a think layer (1 to 3 inches) of ewc between the "soil" and mulch. I can imagine this getting "muddy" over time.

    To avoid this situation I'm doing the following. Thoughts?

    Stopped adding leaf litter, it was being consumed to quickly.
    Adding living/green mutch of clovers and legumes
    Companion planting with mints ,lemon balm, other fragrant herbs.
    Add a good few hand fulls of "growstones" to each pot and hope they get worked into the soil over time by the worms.
    Aeration added along with any future topdressings (neem ,kelp etc)

    I have one plant in flower right now and she's loving the soil. I'm just worrying about future grows
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  2. You have the right idea. Compost is already pretty well broken down. A compost top dress once a month keeps my pot full. The worms work it in. Mature compost is black and stains your hands if you squeeze it.

    The cover crop reduces the breakdown of the soil by fixing co2 back into the soil in the form of carbon.
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    Honestly @wetdog @Possuum or @Sc00byD00bie @waktoo are the guys with the answers. I am so close to the aha moment but they've been there.for 20 years now.

    They beat me up but it worked out. They finally knocked some sense into me with a verbal baseball bat lol.
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  4. How could I forget @jerry111165 and @Chunk
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  5. That might have been me and if it was I probably didn't explain myself well enough.

    It wasn't 3 "runs", it was 3 growing seasons that covered a bit over 3 years outdoors. Big difference between a 3 or 4 month run and a years time.

    Quit stressing, making fresh mix every 3 years is not something to lose sleep over, or go to great lengths to avoid. Combining the shovel work with a 12 pack and a bowl pretty much makes for a win - win afternoon.
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  6. Ah thanks man. Yeah I was stressing a bit there. A days labour every 3 years isn't something to lose hair over for sure.

    Panic over! :)
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  7. Ah yes. I believe I was there for some of those beatings. I never took part but I was an enthusiastic bystander :)
  8. Too many have been doing it for too long for you to start worrying this soon - IMO.

    Damn worms.

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  9. I run 20 gallon pots, its only been 7 months since starting and i havnt noticed anything like this yet. When i first made my mix i added alot of rice hulls... Probaly to much but i did this for this exact reason. Every time i add something thick like worm castings i mix them with some rice hulls.

    So maybe it should be reccommended that when using smaller pots with no till you should go heavier on the aeration.
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