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Inflammation Helping Grandmothers Arthritis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PinkFloydEffect, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. My poor grandmother has seen all types of pain specialists and nothing has worked for her arthritis, she has had it since she was in her 20s. They are avoiding the opiates up until recently, they skipped over any opiate pills and tried a morphine patch recently which is kind of working but she said she could use so much more relief.

    She is a tough cookie and I think she could handle the "high" but I do not want it to scare her off before she feels the benefits from cannabis. If I make an oil to ingest it will contain all the same things as her smoking it, and she is not even a smoker. So I am thinking what about vaping!? I have a Hebe Titan 2 herbal vape that I used for a little while when I had throat issues and could not smoke, it worked but took much longer to feel the effects and it was not the same high as smoking it...something I felt would be much more tolerable by someone who is not used to smoking. However would it work the same for medical pain benefits? I read people crank them up to a higher temp for pain which is going to include more chemicals but what do you think? Does anyone here vape for pain?
  2. I vape for pain.... it does not always work and is strain dependent somewhat but can work...

    if you can acquire a topical ointment for localized arthritis it could work great too... just put it on the spots where needed.. Good Luck!
  3. Interesting, the strain could be hard to find so this may not work for her. I have something high quality I am going to see if it works for her. I am thinking it is not immediate the first time and it takes days to weeks of using it to make a difference?

    They make a cannabis ointment that actually works?
  4. the onl;y way I have found to eliminate the pain best with a vape is to use a water bubbler and vape at t he highest temp possible... those sedating pain relief compounds require a high heat to release them... this is tolerance based though for myself and someone with no tolerance at all will respond differently...

    yes, a topical is great for localized pain... you can make them yourself with the correct ingredients too..

    adding omega three fat to her diet will help the pain also as endocannabinoids get created from the omega threes
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  5. another thing... have fresh black peppercorns on hand to use if the cannabis is to strong for her... you can grind or mortal pestle some fresh peppercorns for her to smell or chew on for anxiety relief and the black pepper even increases thc use by balancing out thc effects some... it must be fresh peppercorn and not pregrind pepper with no smells... it is the caryophylene (terpene) in the pepper that does it
  6. Wow thank you so much! I never heard of the Black Peppercorn trick! It sounds like I need to vape so hot that it is going to product a small amount of smoke, which is what my vaporizer does when I crank it way up.
  7. glad to help! here is a link to my favorite thread here on GC... the black pepper thread
    Cannabis Black Pepper.
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